DON’T GET ME STARTED witnessed the NHL draft, then the free agent signing period; and putting hockey to bed in favor of football.

As a result, Sabres fans hoping that something might have happened to bring hope to the area will now wait to see if anything will really happen.  As for the NHL draft, the Sabres made a lot of picks but how long will it take for any of them to make a mark in the NHL is unknown.

Many fans were also hoping that free agency might bring in some needed help but that, as of July 5, didn’t happen and Simon & Garfunkle’s “Sounds of Silence” echoed at the foot of Washington.  They did get an assistant coach.

As of that date, Ryan Miller is still with the Sabres; Thomas Vanek is still with the Sabres.  Most everyone feels that this pair should be moved considering they will be free agents at this time next year.

A month ago fans were looking forward to the NHL draft and free agency.  Now about a month from now, the fans of the Buffalo Bills will be looking forward to the first exhibition game of the season as the Bills front office continues selling hope.  They have a new GM; a new Coach; new offensive and defensive coordinators and a promise of an aggressive/attacting style of play on both sides of the ball.

Even though the Bills failed to make the playoffs for well over the decade, the job of selling the immediate future is admirable, as happens most every year since the “Music City Miracle.”

Bills fans have been pretty excited over what they have been hearing over the course of the off-season in regards to the Buffalo Bills.  That off-season is over at the end of the month when the troops travel to training camp to begin – what fans hope – will begin a path to return to the playoffs.

Unless the Sabres make some big noises, sports fans in the Buffalo area (and elsewhere) will be concentrating on any and all news from the Bills, peeking now and then at the baseball standings, while putting the Sabres into the background on Don’t Get Me Started.

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