DON’T GET ME STARTED will be watching to see what Darcy Regier will be doing. OK, there are still 80 games left in the season and the Sabers have played only two – one Home and one away. The bottom line is that the Sabres begin the season 0-2.

The team is scoring only 1 goal a game and suffered a shutout loss to Ottawa Friday night 1-0.  At that rate, they will score 82 games in the season….certainly a ridiculous statement.  Yet, where do they expect to get any firepower.  Thomas Vanek, their best, is off the board as are all others, except a rookie.

The Sabres losses to Detroit and Ottawa already place them in the bottom of the stronger division this season.

If Regier knows anything about the fans, it’s that their patience doesn’t last long.  They will be quick to point to the coaching situation.  Ron Rolston, a mild-mannered guy, didn’t put much experience behind the bench with him save for Teppo Numminem.  These guys are entrusted to teach the youngsters the finer arts of the NHL.

Then, there’s the coach himself.  Before he was hired, there was so much talk about hiring Hall-of-Famer Patrick Roy.  Instead, Regier decided not to aggressively pursue him and settled on NHL-experienced Rolston.

Patrick Roy brought his fire-brand style to Colorado and the Avalanche have won both their opening games.  It would have been interesting to see how Roy and Regier would have meshed if Roy was hired in Buffalo.

So what is Regier’s option?  They need firepower….badly.  The only goal scored was by rookie Girgenson in the two games played.  What can the Sabres do? It’s time to consider trades.

Ryan Miller has played well in the games and his market value should be better than it was before the draft.  I doubt very much that Miller will re-sign with the Sabres during or after the season.  I also doubt that Thomas Vanek will re-sign with the Sabres, in these early stages of re-building.  So, Darcy should seriously look to see how he can get some goal scorers that can help put the puck into the cage.

And that’s what has me praising the Sabers brass declaring that fans are in for some suffering.  That time has arrived on Don’t Get Me Started.

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