DON’T GET ME STARTED waits for Sabres President Ted Black to announce how many Sabres fans renewed their season tickets and/or now many on the “waiting list” subscribed to next season and/or how many really dropped


Art Wander

renewing their season tickets.

Reason for this is that in my travels around town since the end of the season, Murray said bye bye to Ted Nolan, many fans are belting out, “That’s it, I’m done and not renewing my season tickets.” Naturally, when this happens, the team loses quite a buck on interest that would accrue in the next 4-5 months when Sabres fans have to fork over the dough. And if they don’t have anybody picking them up, more money is lost.

Another comment I’m hearing – from most of the people I talk to – is that they are not enamored with current General Manager Tim Murray. They cite many reasons for their disdain:

1. The firing of Ted Nolan
2. The failure of Murray to give the Sabres skaters some help this past season
3. The trade for Evander Kane with Winnipeg (and getting a “D” in the package Fans cite the trade sent Tyler Myers; Drew Stafford; a 1st round draft choice; and 2 prospects that included Brandon Lemieux who many see as a future NHL star
4. One humorously mentioned, “We have another Darcy Regier on our hands.)

Even though tickets cost quite a buck, the money wasn’t cited as a reason for failing to exercise the season ticket option.

While the Sabers played entertaining hockey over the past month of the season, with effort and determination, many feel that, once again, rebuilding is underway.

Of course, there will be interest in going to the games if Buffalo lucks out and snares McDavid in the lottery or they do get Eichel. Yet, long time Sabre fans say “one player” won’t make the difference – it is a team game.

So it will be interesting to see how fans review the past season; the changes made and not made; and study the mailing of season ticket renewals, then make a decision on Don’t Get Me Started.

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