DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders who in the world approved the design for the 3rd jersey.  The final result was a big dud.

On Sunday evening and most of Monday, everyone I talked to about the unveiling of that thing agreed.  It should never be worn again.  But alas, the Sabres previously stated that 10 games will feature whatever you want to call it.  That means 9 more games will feature that design.

Certainly the “Goahead” was so-so with a trifle more negatives.  The slug, delivered by Tom Golisano and Larry Quinn brought snickers.  But this latest unveiling Sunday against the Red Wings brought mixed emotions……mostly all negative.  Some wanted to scream.  Some wanted to cry.  Others could not believe the eyes.

The Sabres, historically, were noted for the blue and gold.  This latest “thing” seemed to have a yellow t-shirt with long sleeves.  Over that it seemed as if a black apron was pulled over that t-shirt. Huge numbers were plastered in the back of the apron.

I felt sorry for the players who were instructed or forced to wear whatever you want to call it.

Naturally, some players did not approve the scheme.  Who gave the final OK.  Pegula?  His wife Kim?  Ted Black?  Darcy Regier?  If it was the latter, it was his final slap at the team he headed for 16 years.  I don’t think it was Darcy.  In fact…….today I’m hopeful that he lands on his feet with a good job.  If not in hockey, then maybe Pegula can involve him in his new project across from the Arena.

Let’s face it, big brass.  Most fans are snickering at the design.  It’s worse than the “Slug” or the “Goathead.”   Give up the idea of more games with players wearing that apron.  Make the blue more prominent, brighter, and the yellow….gold.  But in the end……dump the idea this 3rd jersey.

Why do I get the feeling that some of the Sabres will be shouting how fast these jerseys are selling.  Frankly I won’t buy that on Don’t Get Me Started.

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