Speculation that the Sabres are interested in bringing back Daniel Briere is interesting, but if true, not a good fit. The Sabres needed Briere six years ago when he was coming off a 30 plus goal season and flew around the ice like a man possessed. Now Briere is 35 and looking at the back end of a fine career.

Word is some fifteen teams are interested in Briere, even at his advanced age and with all of the injury issues he has had over the past two seasons. If the Sabres are truly interested I do not see how he would fit into their announced plans for rebuilding with youth?

Briere and Drury leaving Buffalo has never been forgotten in this town and Darcy Regier still shoulders much of the blame. Now to listen to owner Terry Pegula that may have been one of the instances where the “painter’s hand was being led”.

True, then team President Larry Quinn was calling many of the shots and unlike today where Regier does not report to Ted Black, he did then report to Quinn. Darcy defended the move to let both Briere and Drury move on and perhaps he was speaking more on behalf of Quinn and Golisano, but fans were angry at Regier non-the-less.

At 35 Danny Briere would not be what the Sabres are looking for. He is small and lacking the quickness and scoring punch that made up for his size in his prime.

I also doubt Briere would consider retuning to Buffalo after all that transpired at the end of his last stay. If Sabres are indeed preparing to suffer no need to rub salt in the wound by bringing back a player who represents one of the biggest blunders by past ownership.

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