One would be hard pressed to find two more popular former Buffalo Sabres than Pat LaFontaine and Coach Ted Nolan. To bring them both back to run the hockey team is a public relations home run, possibly a grand slam.

LaFontaine was a star on the ice that left too soon because of concussion issues and Ted Nolan was offered just a one year extension after being named NHL Coach of the Year and of course he refused. The departure of both men was not handled well by the Sabres organization and left an emotional scar with the fan base. Now both are back and the smiles on ticket holders go from ear to ear.

Pat LaFontaine has earned his hockey managerial teeth down on Long Island with the Islanders and has been around amateur and youth hockey since he left his playing days behind.

Ted Nolan had success on the ice with Buffalo, but then new President Larry Quinn was not a fan and when he hired Darcy Regier Nolan’s day’s were numbered. It has to be ironic to Regier to have Nolan return behind the bench as he is let go. Life has funny twists and turns and for those who felt Nolan was treated badly by Regier and Quinn today is filled with sweet satisfaction.

Terry Pegula had allowed his emotions to govern when it came to keeping Darcy Regier. Pegula said as much at today’s news conference and explained that he allows his people to make mistakes. Pegula did not make a mistake in bringing back two men who represented a positive time in the team’s history. The team, the fans and the City need them.


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