DON’T GET ME STARTED in my previous column extolling the skills of Mitch Marner of the London Knights who has been wowing scouts with his speed and smarts, especially in hockey.


Art Wander

We are mentioning a couple of the prospects that would be available to the Sabres in the event that Buffalo doesn’t gain last place for a chance at McDavid or Eichel. We’re assuming they will be gone by the time Buffalo might pick 3rd or 4th in the draft. Of course to do that, Edmonton would really have to tank while Arizona would also tank to gain McDavid or Eichel. I think that the Sabres will pick no later than 3drd in the draft

Here’s one interesting sidelight to the drama that will take place at draft time. Connor McDavid finished 3rd in scoring in the OHL, behind Marner who finished 2nd with the London Knights..

And who won the OHLs scoring championship? A teammate of McDavid……DYLAN STROME. This 18 year old stands 6’3, weighing 187 pounds and, like Marner, is a center, a position of need by Buffalo.

One, if not both, will be there for Buffalo to draft once McDavid and Eichel are drafted 1-2.

Marner’s 5’11 frame worries some, though scouts rave about his hockey skills and smarts. Buffalo could do alright be drafting him. BUT, if the Sabres worry about size – Strome would be the answer with his 6’3 frame. ALSO, he’s from Missesauga, so cold won’t bother him. In fact, he’s like a neighbor.

Get this one. In his final game to get the scoring championship in the OHL, Strom poured in 4 goals and 2 assists to wrest the crown away from Marmer. Strome had 129 points to Marner’s 126 BUT Strome played 5 more games than Marner, McDavid finished with 120 points in much fewer games than the other 2. He and Marner both finished with 44 goals.

Here’s what was printed on Strome in the Centtral Scouting site:

“Elite offensive forward…a big forward who moves well, and demonstrated some very good power and speed…is tough to contain as he used his speed, strength and creativity to beat defenders…has great vision with the puck and sees the ice very well…uses his crafty hands to dance around defenders and get into positions where he could shoot or set-up teammates…distributes the puck well and is able to create a lot of chances…has a lethal wrist-shot with great power and a pretty good release…uses his size and reach on the boards to win the puck and get in good supporting areas to pick up loose pucks…defensive effort goes up and down. “

That says a lot about Dylan Strome. I wonder what the Sabres are thinking about. The more I look at the prospects, the more I see a great amount of talent. So the big question was the Sabres giving up a 1st round draft choice (with Myers and Stafford)???????? To get the injured Kane.

The end of the season approaches and while everyone talks about Buffalo tanking to get either McDavid or Eichel, I’ll still feel the same, but I’m ready for Strome or Marmer should they fail on the top 2 on Don’t Get Me Started.

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