DON’T GET ME STARTED can’t understand why Kim or Terry Pegula haven’t come forward saying how pleased they are that they will get a generational player like Jack Eichel. As everyone knows, Sabres GM Tim Murray failed to

Tim Murray

Art Wander

do that immediately following the lottery when Buffalo lost #1 to Edmonton. In fact his remarks, then, were embarrassing.

Murray maybe traveled to the Southtowns to pick up a ton of sour grapes instead of accepting the #2 pick which was widely accepted by the fans assured of getting talented Jack Eichel – the same fans that Murray said he was “sorry for” right after the lottery. So many felt that his comments; facial expressions were embarrassing, giving a new meaning to whine. Face it, Eichel is a great player and – in fact – seems to be a little tougher than McDavid.

Murray has to live with his lack of diplomacy for another few days since the Buffalo Bills will be occupying the News spaces in print and on television until training camp.

Since Saturday, in damage control mode, Murray is trying to explain his stance by saying, “We’re disappointed not to get 1st, but we’re happy with 2nd. Two franchise-changing guys in this draft. People took my comments as an insult to Jack Eichel, told ESPN. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. I love Jack Eichel.” That’s what he should have said right after the lottery.

Sabres apologists over the criticisms Murray has been getting have been trying to put a positive spin – one of which is what his tenure has done since he was named General Manager. Alright, in fairness, let’s see what he’s done for the Sabres

Murray was hired as Sabres General Manager on January 14, 2014 – some 15 months ago. In the next 5 weeks or so, here’s what happened:


That’s 11 players that Murray parted company with. Many of these players are now in the playoffs while Murra6 stated that he traded “good players so that we can get better.” In return, the Sabres have:

Jack Nevins; Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian, Jason Kasdorf; A 1st round pick that eventually went to Winnipeg; a 2016 seventh round pick a 2017 second round pick There might be something I might have missed but certainly Sabres gave up more than they received. Study the fact that they, now, received very little for Ryan Miller.

And now Buffalo has to live with the outburst by Murray following the lottery last Saturday. Other GMs would praise the fact that its team would be getting Eichel. A message would be sent to the gifted center that he will be welcomed to their city. A Murray statement like that might prompt Eichel and his handlers to view coming to Buffalo as a big positive. They might look at Tyler Ennis, the emergence of Reinhart and other youngsters as the building blocks of the future with skill coming to the Arena. Instead, fans are waiting to see if Eichel will return to College rather than come to the Sabres now.

I wonder what Eichel’s thought would be if the Oilers would pick him at #1? He might not like that. Coming to Buffalo, Eichel would be very much closer to his hometown of North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. His parents, family and friends could get to Buffalo to watch him play. They certainly would be in attendance in Boston where they will meet the Sabres a few times next season. Saturday Murray could have opened up his arms and say, “Welcome Jack.” He could cite the fact that Buffalo has the owner, fans, Arena, the hockey knowledge and would truly embrace a player who in 40 games, scored 26 goals and 45 assists – that’s 71 points or just slightly less than 2 points a game.

Right now, Murray is conducting damage control letting people know that he is pleased with Jack Eichel. Following the lottery Murray questioned the system rather than opening his arms – and mouth – to welcome a very good hockey player

Let me say it, ‘WELCOME TO BUFFALO JACK EICHEL” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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