DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders how Darcy Regier is feeling, knowing that in all probability his team this season has been a disaster.

Most fans when they get up on Sunday morning will probably yawn and figure that it’s all over but the shouting.  The reason?  The teams that Buffalo had to leapfrog to get a chance at post-season play won their important games.  The Islanders…..the Rangers…..the Capitals…..all won their games.

In other words…..the games they had in hand on Buffalo – resulted in 2 points in the standings.  Here’s the situation as far as Playoff Berths are concerned.

  7 N.Y. ISLANDERS        9            42
  8 N.Y. RANGERS      10            42








10 NEW JERSEY      10            39
11 PHILADELPHIA      10            37
12 BUFFALO      10            36
13 CAROLINA      12            34
14 TAMPA BAY      11            34


NOTE that Carolina has two games in hand on Buffalo and other teams, so if they won those two games in hand, they would have 38 points……still short.  Buffalo is 6 points behind the 8th and final playoff spots, occupied in a tie between the New York teams.

The best Buffalo can do is getting to 56 points if they win all their 10 games, something that’s unlikely since getting 3 in a row has been a chore this season.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it probably?  No.

What is the likely scenario is Dary Regier finally hoisting the white flag to the top.  He raised it half-way up the pole of defeat by trading veterans and starting the rebuilding process that might take a couple of years.

If there is any consolation for Sabre fans, look at it as a way to save a lot of money.  Most agree that the ticket prices and the refreshments at the place are high.  But if they made the playoffs, you know that it would be almost impossible for a family of four to attend a playoff game since it’s a habit to really raise them big time.  So buy something for the kids and wait until next year on Don’t Get Me Started.

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