DON’T GET ME STARTED admits that I was the biggest supporter of coach Ted Nolan during his days in the 90s and joining tens of thousands cheering when Pat LaFontaine brought Nolan back to Buffalo to coach the Sabres.

All of a sudden, many fans are a little bit confused. While Nolan was recognized as a teacher, the fact is that the Sabres are the most woeful team in the NHL this season, What’s the difference? To me, I remember those 90s when the Sabres, with average talent, became the hardest working team in hockey.

Other teams, then, didn’t look forward to playing the Sabres because they were a very tough, physical team that took no prisoners. Of course, they had Rob Ray, Brad May and Mathew Barnaby. Right now, putting this trio back on the ice probably might produce more toughness that the current crop of players.

The Sabres are not as physical now as they were then. Fans have been screaming for goals. They now scream for shots on goal. In the 4-0 loss to Toronto Tuesday night, the Sabres took a total of 10 shots on net………2 in the final 20 minutes of play. This continued an embarrassing display of hockey, considering that the Sabres were watching the leafs blast 37 shots on goal..
Of course, there were games when the Sabres goalies were facing between 40 and 50 shots on goal. This can’t continue.

I think that the shakedown cruise is over and by this time the Sabres need to show fans that they are capable of competing. That last word is something that Nolan has been emphasizing but the results on the ice aren’t there.

Is it the coaching? Or is it the talent. Certainly Buffalo could use some blue liners that can clear out opponents in front of the goal. The “talent” that takes the ice isn’t getting the job done. Maybe a little shake-up by bringing up some NHL hungry kids from Rochester might be in order to prepare for next season when the Sabres will likely have the pick of McDavid or Eichel.

Nolan has been noted for teaching young payers to perform well, but so far messages aren’t being translated to the ice. GM Terry Murray has been quite quiet during this season that’s seen Buffalo win 1 game in regulation and 1 game in a shootout. He, too, might be wondering what is happening since he’s the one responsible for assembling the teams.

Nolan needs to show that he can develop the young talent while bringing back that toughness that made him coach of the year in the 90s and produced playoff appearance.

While I hope that Nolan turns it around, do away with talk about competing and let fans determine if this team is capable of competing on Don’t Get Me Started.

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