DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders whether Sabres Prez Ted Black and GM Tim Murray think that true and loyal fans will swallow what comes out of their mouths.

Art Wander

Art Wander

First and foremost – the ticket price increase. It’s the second straight increase for a team that finished as the worst in the NHL in the last two years. Black came out with some NHL stuff about revenue sharing, etc. Hey, the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t raise their ticket prices after their dismal season. Next management comes out with those tired and often used words like, “patience; re=building; looking toward the future, etc.” Fans have heard enough of that over the past several years and the new regime under Terry Pegula is bumping up the prices again and again.

The news reported that since Pegula bought the team, prices have increased close to 28%. That’s from a team owner who uttered that phrase when he bought the team, “I’m not in it for the money. If I wanted to make money, I’d drill for gas (or was it oil.)

The one thing we didn’t hear is that the Sabres lost money. The silence on that fact tells fans that Pegula pocketed a bump in his bottom line. Hey Pegulas, for all the good you’ve done for Buffalo – would it not be a good idea for you to ask Toronto how they avoid raising ticket prices following horrible seasons? I wonder how many Sabres fans are wondering how high the prices would increase if the Sabres ever got into the playoffs……or the Stanley Cup Finals.

And then there’s the GM Tim Murray. I would believe that at home he sings the song, “My Way,” That’s exactly what he’s doing handling everything his way, now that Pat LaFontaine was dismissed last year. Murray embarrassed me and probably all Sabres fans with his sour grapes remarks following the NHL lottery. I would like to know how the #1 draft pick, Jack Eichel, felt when he seemingly heard the disappointment Murray felt in not winning the lottery and getting McDavid.

Murray also comes out with the re-building; looking toward the future, etc., etc., etc. He fires popular Ted Nolan and now dismisses the Rochester Amerks coach, Cassidy. I would gather he’s getting nearer to getting his Binghamton buddy Richardson ready to make the trip to Buffalo. So much about the talk of Mike Babcock.

And one other thing about Black and Murray. Their almost declaration of war against the media became apparent when they decided not to have a post-season session with the media. That’s something Seymour Knox always had; and so did John Rigas. Their coaches and GMs scheduled a luncheon to discuss the past season and what to look forward in the next season and answer questions

Somewhere along the line, Terry Pegula should forget he’s a fan and become a business man who knows how to run a hockey organization. Again, he’s done a lot for the city but there’s some areas that need addressing. Leaving so much to a rookie GM would require management patience in making moves under the guise of re-building – again.

It bears repeating that the Pegula’s have done much for the area. But as far as the media is concerned the Pegula’s should have ordered the brass to schedule that media session that practically every NHL team conducted. So once again, that dreaded word comes out of the mouths of Sabres management…….that word is PATIENCE. Fans have been waiting a long time to be rewarded for their patience on Don’t Get Me Started.

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