DON’T GET ME STARTED can’t wait for the time when the Sabres become a playoff team. Imagine what the Buffalo Sabres will do with the ticket prices for attending their games?


Art Wander

They probably will go sky high.  After all, after continuing years without getting into post-season play, the Sabres keep increasing ticket prices. THIS FOR A TEAM THAT IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STANDINGS.

Reading the some 4% increase in ticket prices, the articles gives “costs are going up.”

  1. Level with the fans. Document those costs. List the costs that each year, now, ticket prices rise.  Let the people know where those costs are……AND then level with the fans and say, “whenever any costs go up……the fans are going to absorb those costs with increase in prices.”  Did front office executives receive bonuses or pay raises and have fans pay for them?  One person that deserves a raise is the ticket VP who has to absorb the chagrin of the fans.

There’s one cost that went up in the family vault. That is the $2 billion paid for the Buffalo Bills. But why should Sabres fans be responsible for helping defray that cost?

That from a team, whose owner declared, “I’m not in it for the money” when he bought the team some time ago. It’s very apparent that the business side of the owner trumps the words when it comes to money.

That’s what has me disturbed in hearing of the ticket prices increase……again, and again, and again while the team languishes in the bottom of the standings…..a perennial loser on Don’t Get Me Started.

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