DON’T GET ME STARTED watches and hears the joys of the Bills fans as Rex Ryan and his New York Jets coaching staff – not to mention several players from the 2014 Jets – get ready for the season.


Art Wander

The recent announcement of the Bills selling a franchise record season tickets adds to that joy as fans continue to be excited about the Bills. Much credit for that excitement has to be given to Rex Ryan, whose personality has captured the imagination of Bills fans. Ryan didn’t waste any time when he became the head coach. Many of his assistant’s came from the Jets; Jim Schwartz, the defensive whiz of the previous season, was an early exit. In came players who performed for Ryan with the Jets.

The most positive things I’ve been hearing from positive fans is that Ryan will bring in a defense that’s going to terrorize the NFL. BUT WAIT!!!!!!!

Most Bills fans will agree that Buffalo’s offense under Nate Hackett and Doug Marrone left a lot to be desired. So how did they fare against the mighty, publicized defense of the New York Jets?

On October 16, 2014 the Bills played the New York Jets and pounded that defense for 43 points. The final score was Buffalo 43 – New York 23.

Revenge certainly must have been on the minds of the Jets coaches and players. They played the next game on November 24th and the Bills did even better in that second game. The final score was Buffalo 38, New York 3. Not only did Jim Schwartz limit the Jets to only 3 points, but the Bills kept ringing up the scoreboard. The defense of the Bills stymied New York, putting a smile on the face of Schwartz.

The final totals of last season against the vaunted defense of the Jets was startling. In 2 games against Ryan, the woeful Bills offense put up 81 points – an average of just over 40 points a game.

So the bottom line is that Rex Ryan’s Bills must improve on having the 4th best defense in the NFL last season. If not, then questions will certainly be asked, especially “Why was Schwartz let go; Why change from a successful 4-3, with 3 defensive linemen each having 10 or more sacks.

Oh well, this is the pre-season; there’s joy in Buffalo; there are positive vibes around Western New York; fans are happy; money is pouring in by the bucketful to One Bills Drive as season ticket holders have to dislodge the loot from the wallets before training camp even begins and everyone seems to be happy.

It all begins in September and fans will be waiting to see how long all that elation will last on Don’t Get Me Started.

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