DON’T GET ME STARTED probably wasn’t surprised that two of the main cogs expected to lead their teams, EJ and Gronkowski, began practicing when a week ago, very doubtful would be the word.

Both the Bills and the Patriots have been playing the “pessimistic” game when talking about this pair but now all of a sudden from woe-is-us let’s line em up.

On this Sunday afternoon, it was disclosed that EJ Manuel of the Bills and Rob Gronkowski went through their paces on the field.

Some skeptics in Western New York will be coming out with a lot of stuff on EJ Manuel.  First, it was a “minor” surgical procedure and that by the final exhibition game; it would be a day-to-day situation.

Naturally, not playing in the final two games of the pre-season, would not give Bill Belichick too much to look at as he gets his team ready to visit Buffalo next Sunday for the season opener.

The question will surface, “Were the two coaches” playing some mind games?

Manuel had a brace around his knee but to this date none of the Bills head honchos ever revealed what the “minor” injury was.  Fans would want to know.

Let’s assume that it will be EJ Manuel under center next Sunday with a full week’s practice.  I wonder if Belichik will send some of his guys going after EJ.  The same can be said if the Bills linebackers and secondary put on some punishing hits on Gronkowski after he catches a pass.  I’m sort of hopeful that the refs will not be throwing the yellow flag followed by the announcement “Un-necessary roughness penalty on_________.)

If EJ is fit and ready and gung ho, then it has to be some good news for Bills fans.  Of course a lot of fans might have been looking forward to see how undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel would fare in his first regular season start.  That also seems a possibility depending on how Manuel fares in practices this week.  More will be known on Wednesday.

Looking at the quintet of players put on the practice squad – there was one absence that surprised me.  That was Brandon Kaufmann, the 6’5” wide receiver who caught most everything thrown his way in the exhibition games.  I figured he might have deserved to be on that squad – if not the 53-man roster.  By the way, QB Thad Lewis, brought in last week, was put on the practice squad.

Oh well……eyes and ears will be focused on the rest of the week – specifically Wednesday when the injury report must be released and how will EJ Manuel and Rob Gronkowski be listed.  Even coach Marrone indicated Wednesday would be the date for a decision. I kind of figure they will receive the “questionable” designation and that would indicate they would be in the game Sunday to open the season on Don’t Get Me Started.

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