Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Thursday, October 08, 2015

Opening Comments
Alright, we’ll get the mandatory stuff out of the way. We’ve got (LeSean) McCoy, hamstring. (Bacarri) Rambo, quad. (Sammy) Watkins, calf. (MarQueis) Gray, forearm. Karlos Williams, concussion. All those guys did not practice. Probably don’t half to mention Gray cause he’s on IR, right? [Scott Berchtold] Yeah this week we have to carry it. Gotcha. These guys were limited in practice: (Charles) Clay, calf. (Marquise) Goodwin, ribs. (John) Miller, groin. (Aaron) Williams, neck. (Cordy) Glenn, ankle. Corey Graham, shoulder. (Chris) Hogan, hamstring and Kyle Williams, calf. And then Percy (Harvin) practiced full today.

Alright other than that we got a big day obviously. We got the Sabres opening night. Obviously very excited about that and if you’re wondering, yes the fighting strap is attached to this. Just in case somebody from Ottawa tries to pull the sweater over my head, I’m ready to go. 

Q: What if one of us tries to?
A: Well same thing. There used to be, remember back in the day there was no rule. We could get the extra guys on the ice and have at it. I see Murph (John Murphy) over there. So we woulda been alright. But now we’d have to get another penalty and we all know we don’t want any more penalties so we’re gonna have to stay tight.

Q: Are you going to the game tonight?
A: Absolutely. I will be amongst them.

Q: The Charles Clay injury is new. Is that something that happened today?
A: Yeah, it was just a little thing. We just put him as limited cause I took him out, we had him out for a couple of plays. He’s fine.

Q: Did Sammy Watkins do anymore or any less today?
A: I’ll tell you what he’s getting close. So we’ll see how he does. But he’s feeling a lot better and it won’t be long. I don’t know if it’ll be Sunday or not, but it’s not gonna be much longer.

Q: Do you have a policy that a guy has to practice at least once during the week to play on Sunday?
A: No. If you’re a really, really good player then there’s no policy.

Q: How is the kicking situation coming along this week between Dan Carpenter and Billy Cundiff?
A: Good. We had Cundiff take the kickoffs today. You know he did a pretty good job, had one mishit. And then we had Dan basically do the field goals. But we’ll see as it goes on. But that’s probably what we’re gonna end off going in the game like that.

Q: Is Karlos Williams still day to day? Is he possibly available for Sunday?
A: Well I mean I guess anything’s possible, you’re in the protocol. But the fact that he never practiced toady with a concussion is probably…I don’t know it’s probably a reach.

Q: You mentioned you think you’re gonna get Aaron Williams back this week. How big is that for your defense?
A: That’d be huge and the fact that (Bacarri) Rambo obviously hasn’t practiced. So that’d be big. But I mean Aaron’s one of the top safeties in the league when he’s healthy. So obviously that’s a big loss when he’s not in there and it should really help getting him back.

Q: His injury was pretty scary. Have you talked to Aaron and how he’s doing since then?
A: You know that’s the thing about this game that…I mean this game’s not without risk and when you see those type of things, man, it’s makes you think and it also tells you how special these guys are. I mean like I said not everybody can do this but yeah, that’s your worst fear as a coach and obviously as a parent too. That something tragic could happen but thank goodness it wasn’t that extent.  But yeah when he was laying there and going through what he did, that was really scary. But obviously we gotta make sure he’s healthy before he goes out there. He took a little shot toady but I’m confident he’ll be ready to roll.

Q: Are you still doing push up for penalties and do you see it working to reduce penalties?
A: We did better. We actually got better today. I think we only did 20 of them today, so that was an improvement. It’s just more the focus, and more the things that recognize and that…You know a penalty doesn’t help this team and so we gotta do whatever we can to fix that, and I believe we’re heading in that direction. I think we understand as a team now the severity of penalties.

Q: What kind of a back is Boobie Dixon and what kind of work load do you see him carrying this Sunday if he is your primary running back?
A: Well he’s a power back so I mean that’s…You know is he as much as a perimeter threat as maybe some of the other guys? Maybe not. He’s more of an in between the tackles type, pounder type, running back. But he is a big guy and he can shoulder the load.

Q: Is the plan for IK Enemkpali to travel this week?
A: I haven’t thought about it. We’ll see. You know I don’t know if he’ll be up this week or not.

Q: Is John Miller going to start this week?
A: He’s getting better. I think he’s got a chance too, we’ll see how it goes. But he was in there today and (Kraig) Urbik. They basically split reps today.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman
Thursday, October 08, 2015

Q: Does it look like the older Steeler defense that Dick LeBeau used to run?
A: Yeah I mean I think there’s definitely some similarities. I think they, like a lot of teams, they kind of try to find their own little niche in where it fits. But there’s a lot of similarities, not 100 percent though. But I don’t know if they’ve gotten to that point yet but at some point maybe they will. I don’t know. But if they look like anybody it would be like the old Steelers, yep.

Q: How much of an impact on offense is it not having Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy?
A: You know we feel great confidence with whoever comes in the game. Last week probably would have done a few things different but there were plays there to be made. Just got to execute a little bit better. I definitely think those guys bring a little bit of a unique skill set that you’re gonna try to focus on. But I think we definitely have the means to go out and be successful with who ever goes out there and we feel ultimately confident about that.

Q: Were the Giants able to play you differently without them on the field?
A: Probably but they did what they always do and they’re a good defense. We just gotta execute better, I gotta coach a little better, and we’ll be where we need to be. It’s early in the season but it’s time to really clean up some of those things, and I really believe we’re working towards that this week in practice. We had a really good practice today.

Q: What do you think Boom Herron’s work load will be this Sunday now that you’ve got to see him a couple days?
A: Well I think Booms gonna…You know there’s a good chance that he’s gonna be a part of the game plan. Later in the week we’ll kind of come together and make those decisions but I really like what I see out of him, like what I hear out of him and he’s picking things up pretty quickly.

Q: What have you seen out of Robert Woods so far this season?
A: Robert’s a very talented receiver. Runs great routes, understands coverage, gets open, got good hands. You know he can do a lot of different things for us, inside and out, and he’s got a unique skill set there. But I really like him and we’re very fortunate to have him. And very, very unsung as this guys a ferocious blocker. I’m talking ferocious.

Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman
Thursday, October 08, 2015

Q: What is it like going up against Marcus Mariota this week?
A: I mean he’s off to a good start. They have a good offense. They wanna run the football. They’re keeping things fairly simple for him right now but he’s a talented young man that obviously can play and hurt you if you let him.

Q: How much will it help to get Aaron Williams back if he can play Sunday?
A: Oh it’ll help. I mean anytime you are down a starter it’s gonna hurt some. But Bacarri (Rambo) came in, did a pretty good job for us. But it’ll be nice to get Aaron back, yes.

Q: What has Corey Graham done for you so far this season?
A: Oh we like him, we the like the way he’s played. I mean his leadership, his experience. You can’t…One of the things you can’t do, is you can’t replace a guy that’s got experience and know how…understands how to get guys lined up, understands your system and your scheme. So yeah, we’re pleased with how Corey’s played, yes.

Q: What are some reasons or why do you think there is a lack of pressure the defensive line is putting on defenses?
A: It’s one of those situations where if the ball is coming out in under two seconds it’s a little hard to get the type of pass rush that you want to generate. But at the same time everybody has a job to do and quarterbacks have been throwing the ball fairly quickly against us and we know it. So we gotta do a better job of our underneath coverage.

Q: Do you think you need to blitz more?
A: You can blitz and a guy can get there in two seconds then yeah. But they’re throwing the ball pretty quickly.

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