Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Opening Comments
That’s what time of year it is. It’s the point the fingers time of year, if things don’t go well. We get it. Find out who the real, you know, is everybody on board or not? That’s the time of year it is. We’re gonna find that out as a team do. I believe everybody will find out, this teams all together and I think that’s the great thing about it. Gives us opportunities moving forward. This week we know there’s big challenges in front of us. Number one with J.J. Watt. So we get that. But this teams more than just him, however he is probably the top player in the league. So he’s impressive. You watch him on tapes…I was wrong, when he came out I thought he was gonna be Dan Hampton. You know? And he might be better than Dan Hampton. So obviously a tremendous player. But big challenge for us. Obviously they’re playing extremely well on defense and you seen a big jump from them. About 100 yards per game improvement over like, the first five weeks. So they’ve really found their stride and doing a great job. And then offensively they’re protecting the football. They’re running the ball more and obviously their number 10 (DeAndre) Hopkins is a tremendous player. And the other guys too are showing up. You got a veteran guy like (Nate) Washington and Cecil Shorts. So they can throw the football and then they’re running the ball more. They don’t have like the bell cow, they have several backs that they use. But they all seem to be pretty effective. So with that I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: When they talk about J.J. Watt, they talk about his motor. Doesn’t that kind of underestimate his physical gifts like his burst and quickness?
A: Yeah, I mean if…you know there’s a lot of great motor guys. I mean I think I play with a great motor, but that never equated to any plays. So yeah he’s got physical…I mean you start with his size. This guy’s got size, length, speed, change of direction. But that motor is something. You know for a guy with all of those type of things. Oh by the way, and he’s got a great motor. So he’s pretty much got everything.

Q: Do you think he’s done enough now to be a part of the MVP conversation?
A: Hard to say. Really hard for a defensive player to get that award. I think…Can’t really remember the last guy that won it who was a defensive player. Alan Page I remember won it in like ’71 or something. That’s going back a couple years. I don’t really remember who…Reggie White, probably or something like that. But I would think he’d be in the conversation. A lot of it’s based on your team. Right now they’re rolling pretty good. Hopefully we can do something about that, to knock them down a peg this week. But I think if you win, he’s certainly…like I said he’s probably the best player in the league.

Q: You said throughout the year, you know where your numbers going to fall for your defense…
A: Yeah – I thought I did.

Q: 30th in sacks, 20th in yards per play…Have you finally realized it’s not gonna get there?
A: Nope. I mean 30th in sacks is not real good. Wow. But nah, I expect us to get better. I really do. I expect us to get better and we’ll see. Like I said, it’s different for me. I’ve never been in this situation. You know I think the worst I’ve ever been in this league is 11th. So I think that it’s new for me. Obviously last year they were really good. Fourth in the league. But we’ll see. I’m not gonna press the panic button. But we’ll see. Obviously we got to improve. There’s no question about it. At times I’ve seen us a play a lot better than a 20th ranked defense, or whatever the heck we are.

Q: How much backed up in a corner will you be with some of the defensive parts you are missing?
A: Well that doesn’t matter.

Q: Stephon Gilmore said yesterday he was surprised with the lack of pressure on Alex Smith that you had against Tom Brady. What was your reaction to him saying that? Or not being able to get pressure to Alex Smith?
A: Whatever. I mean I don’t know. Right now you guys are looking for anything. We’re just trying to find a way to stop people.

Q: How is Mario Williams?
A: I hope he’s better. He seems to be. He’s gonna try it today so we’ll see. That’s, you know…no excuses. But to have him out there is pretty…

Q: Lawrence Taylor…
A: Lawrence Taylor?

Q: Yeah, 1986.
A: That’s a pretty good one.

Q: You mentioned that you’re gonna look over the review process. Have you addressed it at all and are you happy with it?
A: Well I wasn’t happy with it that past game. But I was happy with it up until that point. But yeah I feel good. I think we’re ready to go. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna hit every one right. But it means that we even think the process is even better now.

Q: Did you make some specific changes?
A: Yeah, sure did.

Q: Can you say what they were?
A: No, because I don’t need too. It’s not on people. It’s whatever. We’ll get it fixed and I believe we got it and in my opinion as good as we can have it. I thought it was to begin with, but I think it’s better now.

Q: On both the Alex Smith touchdown passes, it looks like Marcell Dareus was dropping back in coverage. I was wondering why that was?
A: I don’t know, but I don’t think that’s…in those things it’s…you know I guess looks can be deceiving. We certainly didn’t have him in the…one of them we did. That it was supposed to be a trap coverage. It was supposed to actually trap the route they threw a touchdown on. So we might have been talking about that a little differently. But we never executed it. So I think it surprised the offense but they threw right into it. But we weren’t there for it.

Q: You don’t seem to be sure of what this team is. On Monday you said you could lose them all, or you can win them all. Is that unusual for anybody at this point in the season?
A: No, what I’m saying is that in my opinion we are good enough to beat anybody. But if we don’t play with the consistency that we need to take then obviously that’s not the case. We’re gonna lose them. But I think I know how we’re gonna play. Okay? I feel good about how we’re gonna play. But at the end of the day, proofs in the pudding. At times they had like, what two hundred and…at one point last week we had over 200 yards total offense, they had 26 yards. So at times we can play as good as any team in this league and then there’s other times when we make mistakes, we don’t play as well obviously. So there’s still a little inconsistency in how we’re playing. Yet in my opinion we haven’t played our very best game yet, and that’s obviously what you strive for. I think we can play with any team in this league. I know we can. But it’s…and there’s no room for error. We know we’re backed up as far as you can be backed up and so I’m glass half full guy. I get that, there’s no question about it. I believe we’ll play very well. I don’t think there’s any doubt.

Q: The Texans offensive is doing a bunch of things like some wild cat packages, things with the offensive lineman and stuff.
A: Yeah they’re doing a ton of that now and it’s really helped their running game. When you look at it, they went to some direct snaps, some wild cat plays. No surprise Mike Devlin was my offensive line coach for a long time there with the Jets, and we incorporated a lot of that stuff. And they did a great job with it. They got a couple guys that can run it. You see (Jonathan) Grimes running it and you see (Cecil) Shorts running it. And Shorts has got that dual threat, former quarterback type guy. So yeah it’s something that stays. How much they use of it? I don’t know, but you got to be prepared for it. There is no question about that, it takes time.

Q: Is DeAndre Hopkins one of those guys that you have to kind of design a game plan around because of how good he is playing?
A: Yeah I think so. I think he’s at that level.

Q: What is the update on Karlos Williams?
A: He’s still got…you know he’s gonna be out for todays practice with that shoulder. Some other guys too. You’re gonna see Cordy Glenn is gonna be limited today. (Bacarri) Rambo’s not gonna practice today and Seantrel Henderson will miss today with an illness. So that’s kind of where we’re at.

Q: What does Cordy Glenn have?
A: Cordy kind of had a little back thing I believe. But he’s improved. I’ll tell you that, I’m reading it right off here, he’s improved. But we’ll see. Will he be limited? He may be a little limited today.

Q: Is there a concern with Cordy Glenn or Seantrel Henderson being out Sunday?
A: I don’t have those concerns right now.

Q: The futures of Mario Williams and Kyle Williams are kind of up in the air for next year. Do you feel like the window might be closing on this defense a little bit?
A: No. I don’t feel that way and with those players, I believe they are under contract.

CB Ronald Darby
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: Kind of the first game you’ve had where watching the film may not have been that enjoyable on Monday. How do you bounce back after a few bad plays against the Chiefs this week?
A: Just practice.

Q: Is it hard? Has it been different? The first 10 games have been so fantastic for you.
A: I’m human. People mess up. Like I said, just practice.

Q: We hear that to play cornerback in the NFL you have to have a short memory and forget about that bad stuff. This week you’re actually doing that. Is it different to actually do it as opposed to just say it?
A: We do it every week. I gave up catches and stuff like that before so, they made a play.

Q: (DeAndre) Hopkins is so good. What do you see with him on film?
A: Almost like (Odell) Beckham (Jr.), like he’s real good at attacking the ball.

Q: How do you slow him down?
A: Just play defense.


DT Marcell Dareus
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: Do you think this might take another offseason for things to shake out?
A: Whatever we can do to get our motor together, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to have to put it all behind us and continue to move forward …

Q: This is essentially the season because it’s make-it or break-it here.
A: We control our own destiny. We got to pull it out.

Q: Some people think Mario (Williams) and/or Kyle (Williams) might not be here next year. Does it feel like the window of greatness for this defensive front might be closing?
A: I don’t know. … I’m looking for them to still be here, finish out their contracts and have a great time with me for a couple more years, me and Jerry (Hughes). I don’t know what the future holds.

Q: On a couple of the touchdowns, it seemed like you were dropping back into coverage. Is that accurate?
A: I honestly don’t know, it’s like a blur. The game is going so fast, especially when you play the nose tackle. With Kyle down, I had to play extra snaps so I was a little woozy. I honestly don’t remember if I was in coverage or if I was rushing because I was all over the place, as you can tell.


CB Stephon Gilmore
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: (DeAndre) Hopkins in particular is playing really well. How do you slow him down? What do you see with him, he’s pretty dynamic?
A: He’s a guy that once he gets down the field, that’s when he makes his plays. He’s been making plays all year so I think you have to play physical with him and try to get your hands on him. What makes him so good is finding the ball down field.

Q: Do you approach playing him almost like you approach playing Odell Beckham Jr.? Are they a little bit alike?
A: No, I don’t think they’re alike. They both have good hands but they’re different receivers as far as they have different athleticism. Like I said, what makes him so good is once the ball is in the air, you really have to go up and fight to get the ball.

Q: Is that the kind of guy you want to press and bump on the line to slow him down?
A: Yeah, that’s our goal. I mean any of those guys we want to just get up on them and put our hands on them and slow them down and be physical with them so they don’t get downfield.

Q: Has the season reached the point now where it’s almost like a playoff game every single week?
A: Yeah, definitely. You got to win but you got to take it one game at a time so Houston is in our way and we got to take care of them.


LB Jerry Hughes
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: Do you feel maybe the window is closing on this defense in terms of whether you can be great again? Especially since we don’t know if Kyle (Williams) and Mario (Williams) will be here next year.
A: Yeah, I couldn’t tell you. We’re not worried about being great, we’re worried about beating the Houston Texans.

Q: Rex (Ryan) was saying he’s never been lower than 11th with his defense and you guys are 20th. It seems like he’s kind of given up on you guys being great this year.
A: Yeah, I mean everyone had some pretty high expectations for us but given the whole circumstance of things, I think people weren’t looking at the bigger picture and were just excited for football to be back.

Q: What is the whole circumstance and what is the bigger picture?
A: This isn’t the same defense. We’re a 3-4 defense, we have interchangeable parts. We have guys coming in and you have to be able to communicate and work in a new playbook, so for us to come out and say we’re going to be great without even looking at the playbook, I just kind of roll with it in the offseason but I know how the football season’s going to roll. You got to be able to work with the playbook and we’re still doing that. This is our first year in it.

LB Manny Lawson
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: On leadership
A: I do actually. I take it by not necessarily what’s said, but what’s done. I like to let actions speak louder than words. So you know whatever my job is, by understanding my playbook and where I need to be and how I need to get there, that’s the way I take on my leadership role. I’m not the only guy, there’s Corey Graham, there’s Mario Williams, and there’s several guys that are stepping up. On the offensive side, we have Eric Wood that’s up there and even Tyrod (Taylor). Even though we’ve lost a lot of key guys that are not here with us right now, there’s some guys still around that’ve stepped up and are trying to fill that role.

Q: Does this test feel like you’re staring elimination down in the face?
A: It does, it does. It’s like our back is up against the wall so in a time like this we can’t retreat, there is no retreat, so what we do is we have to fight our way back into it and find a way out.

Q: Does it feel like it will be a playoff game every single week?
A: I guess you can say that. It is like a playoff game because we need to win for the most part from here on out to get to the playoffs but really, it’s just a game that we have to win.

S Bacarri Rambo
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: Do you feel like you’ll be good enough to go this week?
A: Yeah, I will.

Q: What do you guys do to maintain a level of consistency? You’ll go out and shut a team down for parts, but then it kind of gets away from you at times.
A: Studying. We know what we got to do, just communicating really. Once we communicated on the back end, everything else was taken care of.

Q: Do you feel that your back’s against the wall with the rest of the season and that every game is a playoff game?
A: No, we just want to go out there and have fun and play. We know if we go out there and have fun and do what we do, play Bills football, do what the coaches ask, just go out there and communicate and have fun with it, everything else will fall in place for us.

CB Nickell Robey
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: This is a defense that’s had great moments and was expected to be great this year but we don’t know if Mario’s (Williams) going to be here next year or Kyle (Williams). Do you feel the window is closing on this defense?
A: No, I just think that everybody is just playing their role, everybody is just doing their job. As far as the individual guys, the organization and coaches will handle that, they’ll make the right decisions as far as what happens with those guys. As far as right now, we’re just focusing on the game plan, coming out here and practicing and cleaning up our details and getting ready to play Houston and get this win on Sunday.

Q: You said you would see Tuesday if that was a pass interference penalty. What did they explain to you?
A: They explained that it was two guys jostling down the field. I looked back for the ball and they said that it shouldn’t have been a flag because two guys were jostling down the field together. They see me grab him but they also see him push off me and that’s when they said they should’ve just let that play just play out because it could have went either way.

Q: Who told you that? The league?
A: My coach told me what the league said yesterday.

Q: How does that make you feel, considering it’s the second time you’ve had that happen it’s happened?
A: It again proves me right and proves the refs wrong. No. But it does though. The film doesn’t lie. What I put out there on film doesn’t lie, they see it, and I feel like they’re not going to stop my aggression on how I play my receiver. That’s how I make plays so I’m going to continue playing like I’m playing.

QB Tyrod Taylor
Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Q: Tell me about J.J Watt.
A: Definitely a great player. One of the league’s best players. Definitely one of the top players on defense in this league. He’s been playing at a high level. Looks to impact games. Have to be aware of him as far as protection wise and maybe in the running game too. But definitely a challenge for us, so we’re looking forward to it.

Q: Does he line up left defensive end most of the time?
A: Actually some games he switched. I think in their philosophy is more so if they see a mismatch then they want to take advantage of maybe a younger tackle, or a younger guard. That they want to put him on. But he’s been on the right and left this year.

Q: How does your mobility factor in with him on defense?
A: Like you said he has a very high motor. He stays after ypu. He plays through the whistle. He does a good job of pushing the pocket, getting quarterbacks off of their drop point and like you said just getting after the passer. He does a very good job of that and not that I have to drop back and worry about the rush. As a quarterback you can’t worry about the rush. You have to believe in your protection. But definitely have to know where he is at and when you move the pocket, be careful with the football.

Q: So you can’t really get into angles he’s taking on you or things like that?
A: No. More so just feel the pocket. Move the pocket. You have to, but you definitely can’t drop back looking at the rush.

Q: This past game you may have had the best protection that you had all year.
A: Yes. They’ve been protecting their butt off. They’ve been working hard each and every week, and coach put a good plan together. And we have the right players to go out and execute our protection plan as well.

Q: Where does this team go for leadership now?
A: I’m definitely one of the leaders. Been more vocal. But we have leaders in every position. You have Shady (LeSean McCoy) who’s a leader of his running back position. You have Eric Wood and Richie (Incognito) who have been around this league for a while. As far as the defense goes, you have Manny Lawson…

Q: What are ways you have stepped up and become a leader?
A: Just talking when you have too. Like I said I’ve always been a guy who will lead by example but whenever I have to be vocal then I’ll do so. And just talking to the guys. Keeping everybody focused. Dialed in our game plan. Dialed in throughout meetings and just bringing the focus from our meetings to the practice field, and trying to take those things that we’ve practiced on and carry it over to the game.

Q: Have you guys made it a point to not put too much pressure on yourself knowing what’s at stake?
A: We understand what’s at stake. But at the same time you have to worry about…or not worry about, but focus on each and every day. Our preparation is what’s gonna make us our best on Sunday. So taking it one day at a time. Trying to win today, learn as much as you can and go out there and practice those things that you learned. And just take it over to the next day and stack up good days of practice, and good days of preparation, and go out there and play well on Sundays.

Q: Is it hard to block that out and not think about it?
A: I don’t think it’s difficult. Well, personally I don’t think it’s difficult because you can’t worry about the big picture. None of that happens if you don’t take care of what’s at stake for the day, and for this week. You can’t worry about two weeks from now when you have to focus on the game this week.

Q: What keeps you guys going?
A: Wanting to win. Every time you step on the field you want to win. Nobody likes to lose. So knowing that the picture is still there for us, we just have to go out there and take care of business each and every week.

Q: On J.J Watt
A: He plays through the whistle. He’s after it. His energy never dies down. He’s after the whistle, I mean he plays through the whistle each and every play for 60 minutes and that’s’ something that you respect from that guy. He does a great job. He’s been playing like that since he’s been in the league.

WR Sammy Watkins
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q: Do you keep a relationship with DeAndre (Hopkins)?
A: Of course. We texted this week and we’re practically like brothers so we definitely keep in touch.

Q: Do you watch out every week to see what he’s doing? In a fun way, to kind of play off that?
A: I actually see it every week on Sportscenter so I don’t really have to call him to check up on him. He’s been playing great. I mean he’s been probably the No. 1 receiver in my eyes this year. He’s been beating every DB, making the catches that he needs to make for his team to win.

Q: When you look back on how talented that Clemson team was with those wide receivers, with Martavis (Bryant) in there as well, is it amazing to you how much talent was on one college team?
A: Most definitely. We had a lot of guys, even Charone Peake got hid in the mix, another five-star. We had a lot of guys. We all kind of rallied together and went to Clemson.

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