Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Opening Statement:

Like we mentioned it was good to get our guys back and things had a little like long weekend so they are fresh, they are ready to roll. Unfortunately had one player miss a flight, is real unfortunate for his wallet.

Q: Marcell?

No, his [Marcell Dareus] was a personal thing that he did. We had one other player, Denarius Moore missed a flight. But other than that guys are back, I like the energy we had, meetings were great, and then get a quick little jump start, it is like a bonus day, get a jump start on New England and then get back on schedule. So we will give them a day, get back on schedule, business as usual starting on Thursday. I think looking at this, you go back and you watch that first time we played them and to their credit they played a great game against us, there is no question about it. Us not so much. It was an ugly game and that is where, with all confidence, I know we have improved as a football team. I know we have. How much have we improved we are going to find out on Monday, because that will be a great barometer of how much we have improved. Obviously, we have got to improve a ton to compete with this team. But we will see. As good as they were we were pretty bad too. I know we are better. And like I said we better be. But with that I will open it up for questions.

Q: So Marcell was personal?

A: Yeah, he will be back. But yeah he has a personal thing he had to deal with.

Q: Sounds like you fined Denarius?

A: Yes.

Q: So he will be back tomorrow?

A: Well he will be back when we practice on Thursday, he will be back for meetings and all that stuff. Their day off is actually tomorrow.

Q: Does the secondary feel like they have a score to settle after the first game?

A: I don’t know about that, but 466 yards I know New England is looking forward to this game. You know 500 some yards of offense 466 yards passing, not that I forgot. But we are better than that, we are better than that. [Tom] Brady has been scorching everybody. That was hard to fathom, that has never happened to me before. 

Q: You said you were embarrassed when it happened, has that worn off at all?

A: Well I would much rather play Orchard Park High School, but we are playing New England. But in a way we know we are better than that, I know we are better than that. Now give them credit they were that good, there is no question, they were that good that day, there is absolutely no question about it.

Q: There was frustration from the D line with Brady’s quick release, what are the shortcomings from not getting that type pressure you want?

A: Well I meant the guy is throwing the ball in under two seconds, it is hard to get pressure on a guy. You know to get sacks and stuff is not going to happen. If he wants it out of his hands he is going to get it out of his hands, and he did. We got to tighten up what we do coverage wise. There is no question about it. Like I said we will see how much we improved from that time.

Q: Him not having some of his weapons to get the ball out too, will that play to your advantage?

A: I don’t know I guess we will find out. They got some good kids. [Danny] Amendola came in there to be the next Wes Welker and it ended up Julian Edelman was the next Wes Welker. So they just plug guys in, they do a great job of that, you know into their system and things like that. Hopefully that helps.

Q: Does blitzing make sense against this guy?

A: His numbers against three man rush, the blitz, the four man rush, this coverage, that coverage and all that are probably pretty good. Yeah, no I think it is part of the whole thing. It is like if you are doing a steady thing of blitz, he is going to kill you. You are doing a steady thing of coverage, he is going to kill you. You have to be, you have to play the game with him and hope he is not on. That is kind of what you are hoping for. I am not sitting back praying for a hurricane to pop through there, but a lot of wind would be nice.

Q: It was a tough day yesterday for your brother, what do you think his future might hold?

A: Well he is a great coach, he will be fine. It is the business, this is the business we chose and all that. It is going to happen, it happens to every coach. It happened to Belichick, greatest coach of all time, happened to him. It happens to everybody. Tough day, yeah I think I would have liked to see him finish out the season, I know obviously that is what he would have liked to have done. You know what things are done for a reason and so be it.

Q: Anything thought of bringing him in here?

A: You know again, I don’t think anything…I don’t think about that. I know he is going on, and he is going to take some time and all that, get away from it a little bit. Which is good. But no I haven’t thought about that.

Q: You haven’t coached together in a while, would that be cool to do it again?

A: A lot of things have to…I will never say never, but that is for sure. We kind of purposely set a path going to different teams. He is his own man, I am my own man and we purposely set that path. With that being said you know I ain’t going to lie to you I think he is, you know, I think it would be pretty fun, if it could help obviously you consider. But he would have to consider it as well. We have great coaches already here, but we will see.

Q: You said communication has improved on defense. Is that because they are more comfortable and are you scaling it down at all?

A: No, I think we have looked at a lot of different things. What we are asking our guys to do and things. But yeah, I think being together now for nine games or whatever it is that there, obviously we are more comfortable with terminology and things like that. Don’t forget now, we had safeties that played corner all their lives. Like Corey Graham, I look back at and say, ‘Corey oh man have you improved at safety.’ And that is no slight against him. He is going against New England, playing safety or whatever. He is doing a tremendous job for us. Leodis [McKelvin] we just threw him in the fire some at safety and he has done a good job. Bacarri Rambo, Duke [Williams] we are a better football team, I know we are better. And again like I say here is the big test. You are going against a team that is arguably the best team in football right now, and the best offense in the league, with the best quarterback. How much better, we know one thing we will find out how much better this football team is.

Q: It is the one year anniversary of the freak snow storm here last year, what were your memories of watching it down state and then dealing with the moved game?

A: Well obviously they did a lot better job handling it than we did, the Bills did. We couldn’t do anything that day, but they did a great job of it. I just remember seeing the videos, see that thing, that crazy stuff with snow coming off the lake and all that. I am like you got to be kidding me. So today I came out and I was prepared I had the gloves, I had all this. I was like what is all this about Buffalo weather, what are you guys talking about. What is this California? I mean this is ridiculous, people ought to see it, like this is where you want to come just for the weather you know. We don’t want to give our secrets away, but the weather here is great. That snow is fictional.

Q: You joked about Brady not showing signs of aging, do you see any sign of him having any sort of physical decline?

A: I will say this, I haven’t seen that. I have seen a gray hair in his head and that’s it. You are going to go gray pal, one of these days. But no, the thing about him where you know, like he has got, I don’t know what is driving him he has got all the rings, he has got all this stuff. But there is something internal that drives that guy. He is in phenomenal shape, this might be as good as shape as he been in, and maybe knowing when you get up there in age you have to be in great shape. He is that way, he is moving well, his accuracy is like crazy.

Q: How does not having Aaron Williams hurt you in covering Rob Gronkowski?

A: Well no, obviously Aaron [Williams] is an excellent player there is no question about it. And that is a big loss for us. But other guys have got to step up and I think our guys have.

Q: Giants were able to set some pressure on Brady and with their injuries do you think maybe now is the time to beat them?

A: They rattled for 200, for over 200 yards passing in a quarter. So what is that 800, he threw for 800 yards against us. If that happens I will join my brother in unemployment line. [Tom] Brady will try and do that, you watch. But no, it is I think there is always different things, and each team goes through injuries and do they affect you and things like that, apparently they are not supposed to affect our team but they are supposed to affect everybody else’s. I will leave it at that.

Q: How did you enjoy your experience at the Carrier Dome this weekend?

A: Not good. Syracuse played a great game. I was expecting my kid to get a little PT at wide out all that stuff. He didn’t, he still did his job and all that stuff. But I was wanting some playing time at receiver and Syracuse has other plans. They played a really good game.

Q: How surprised have you been by Karlos Williams’ emergence?

A: We expected him to be right there with the best rookies in the league. That is why we took him in the fifth round. We were so smart that is why we took him in the fifth round. No, he has exceeded everybody’s expectations. The one thing we knew about him was he was tough, big, fast and loved football. That is what we knew about him. Really didn’t know he would have this kind of, I mean only two players two players in the history of the National Football league have scored in their first six games as rookies, that is pretty impressive.

Q: Just how different is your offense with two healthy running backs of that caliber?

A: Well if gives you great depth at that position and what quality players and they are. It is not necessarily a one, two punch it of more of a one, one, two punch. So it is Shady [LeSean McCoy], Shady, and Karlos [Williams]. So that is kind of the way it is, that is kind of an ideal world for us. Obviously having Sammy [Watkins] back has been huge for our offense as well, and our team.

Q: If he was to break the record this week, it is held by a Patriot?

A: I think we would all like that. Obviously anytime you can knock the Patriots out of the books that would be good. No, I just…Ryan rips him all the Boston Globe, Ryan going after the Patriots again. Look I know they are going after me, trust me.

Q: All the players mentioned not be overly hyped like they were for the last game, is that something you will preach this week?

A: Well we played so poorly in that game. Like that is part of the things I know we can affect. The penalties, 14 penalties for 140 yards. We did, we played New England’s game, the way New England wanted us to play, that is how we played. And we can’t let them, or anybody else in this league dictate that to us.

Q: Kyle Williams not practicing again today, what is your sense for him this week?

A: Not very high. I don’t think there is any chance of it.

CB Ronald Darby

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Q: Who have you learned from 10 weeks in to your NFL career?

A: I learned from this guy [Stephon Gilmore], Corey Graham, all the vets, Nickell Robey, just each week teaching me something new. Coach Henderson, T Mac [Tim McDonald] all those guys.

Q: What is the biggest thing Stephon has taught you?

A: Staying patient at the line. That is something I had a lot of trouble with coming out because in college I was just moving, giving a lot of ground, but trust in your ability, stay patient, try and get hands on the receiver.

Q: They lit you up the first game, as a DB there has to be a pride factor going into this game right?

A: Yeah, that is the plan. Nobody likes that. But like I said that was week two, had plenty of weeks to get better as a unit, going to come out ready to compete.

Q: Has the communication improved for you guys?

A: Yes, it has improved a lot.

CB Stephon Gilmore

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Q: What have you see from Ron (Darby) so far?

A: He is making plays. And when he is patient, even when he is not patient he has got the speed to make up. That is what makes him so good. But he is patient and he is making plays.

Q: How different is their offense going to be without (Julian) Edelman?

A: It is going to be different because you know they like to give him the ball. But 80 [Danny Amendola] can run the same routes he runs. So you’ve got to be prepared to treat him like [Julian Edelman].

Q: What do the Giants do that seems to work against New England?

A: They’re getting to him. They’re getting to Tom Brady, getting him off his spot. They’re sacking him and they are playing tight coverage on the back end. So first all of you have to get to him to make him mess up.

Q: How does the extra time help?

A: You got a little bit more time to watch a little bit more film on them. Get prepared for them. Your body feels, you feel a little bit fresher because we got that little break. But we still got to go out there and execute.

WR Sammy Watkins

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Q: The longer week you get here, how good is that for the body and the preparation for New England?

A: It is a long week, which is great. You get more game planning and more film. You get to treat your body. Going against the New England Patriots you got to really watch a lot of film on those guys. Those guys are so good at what they do, you got to really know what you are doing. Nobody can mess up, everybody on the field, got to be on the right page, all 11 guys got to be prepared. You got to eliminate all the mistakes, and go out there and play fast and play hard because they are going to do the same thing.

Q: How tired are guys of hearing how the Patriots dominate everybody?

A: Most definitely. It is true. Everybody gets to say what they want to say because they have dominated in this division. I think we got to go out there and just play hard for each other. We got to make it known we are fighting to keep winning. I think right now, as a complete team, we have been playing pretty good, we have been playing complimentary football, offense and defense we have been working hand in hand. We just go to keep getting better, eliminate all the flags and the little penalties. But for the most part I think this team is actually starting to buy in and come together. A little extra meetings, and stuff like that. All that stuff counts when it is late in the season.

Q: How much do look forward to a matchup like this? How amped up are you going to be for this?

A: Not so much amped up. We just got to do our jobs. We understand what we are facing. This is a disciplined well coached team, great players. We are about the Bills. We can’t worry about what the outsiders are saying, they are eight or nine and 0, whatever it is. We just got to go out there and play ball. That is what is comes down to, you got to go out and execute your game plan.

Q: What lessons did you learn as a team from the first match up?

A: Can’t beat yourself. You can’t blow that game up and be so hyped to where you go out and want to fight. You got to stay level headed throughout the whole game. We know who we are playing against. We are playing against a well-coached team, great coaching staff and great game plans. So we just got to follow our game plan and not fall behind it. Because they are going to do what they do. Tom Brady is going to do it and the defense is going to do their job. They are going to be ready to come out there and play. We just got to be as ready.

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