Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Monday, December 14, 2015

Opening Statement:

Alright, obviously as we all know yesterday the penalties were the difference in the game. It just it destroyed our offense, especially those holding calls and penalties. You would make a great play get a first down, turn back penalty and it just happened time and time again and we just couldn’t overcome it.  Now to Philadelphia’s credit they did a great job. They won the battle up front in the game and I think that was the difference when you look at it. It was, we got beat and we had no choice but to foul and that is really what happened. That doesn’t happen to us very often so you got to give them a lot of credit. I thought after looking at the game, or being in the game I thought we were the better team going into the game. I felt that way after the game but then when you watch the tape they were much better than I thought they were, up front especially. Got to give those guys a lot of credit. With that I will open it up for questions.

Q: Why does these penalties continue to happen, you are right there at the top of the league?

A: Right, well we got beat physically and I think that is what happens you get a lot of holding calls. Now the ones…seemed like we kept getting those on third down on defense. We had four off-sides penalties that and it wasn’t, I thought it was because the center was flinching and things–but that’s not the case. So that was a poor, poor judgment on our part we are trying to jump the count. We need to just get off the ball and that happened four times to us. Then we had the one pass interference which was a great call, I mean it was clearly the right call. Our guy clearly interfered on defense. So we had those penalties on defense. And then offensively it was just everything known to man up front. You know the holding calls, we get a face mask, it is unintentional but our hand is in the guy’s face–it is a good call. And then we had a hands to the face, I believe.

Q: After the game there is a video that sounds like Dennis Thurman telling the officials they are a disgrace to the NFL. What are your thoughts on that?

A: Things happen after games, very emotional and things like that. Conversations happen. I can’t tell you what Dennis [Thurman] said or whatever. I mean….I am not saying he did it because I don’t recall him doing. I was close by him, so I don’t know if that was said or not said, or whatever. I can tell you this–a lot of things happen, emotional things happen after games or whatever. I know I had a conversation, but it was a private conversation with the official. You are not…normally in games especially tight games when there are things that you know is there a 100% agreement with officials, no I don’t think so. There is always one or two that maybe you have a disagreement with or whatever. But we never lost the game because of that. I can tell you that. To this day would I possibly disagree with a call? Maybe. But you know we send things in each week. But….you have got to, even if there is a call you don’t agree you have got to be able to overcome things. But that wasn’t it. I never said it even after the game, I thought that, that is a well-respected crew. I know I respect them. I think Ed Hochuli one of the best referees in the game. When you watch the tape will you send things in? You send things in every week. But do I think that for most of the calls did the officials get it right, I think so.

Q: Was it a lack of a call on the pick play that drew the most contention?

A: I am not going to get into any of that stuff, I can promise you that.

Q:  Can you talk about how it affects play calling when you get an early penalty in a series when you are in scoring territory?

A: Well we had one in particular where we got the first down, but you know we have a thing that is not going to affect the play that off a motion play. Those are the ones that I mean it doesn’t seem, it is a five yard penalty but it is a big loss. We get a first down instead now you are in a different situation. There is a lot of…the biggest factor was when we were backed up in our own end zone. We make a great play, Shady [LeSean McCoy] makes an unbelievable run, turn back and it is a penalty. Then we come back overcome that but we just couldn’t overcome them. That is what kills you and then you are punting it right back to a team that is obviously known for moving the football. And that is kind of how it snowballs.

Q: How much did it take the ball out of LeSean’s hands with those first-and-long plays?

A: Yeah I think so. But we also made some big runs that he is not going to get credit for because of the penalties. So he would have been over 100 yards rushing had we not fouled. But that is the way it goes sometimes.

Q: How sobering is it to know that the playoffs are pretty much on life support?

A: Yeah I mean we get it. We understand what has to happen. We clearly have to win our three games. That is a given. We know the Jets have to lose one of the next two and Pittsburgh has to lose two of the next three. So we get it, we can do the math. I know there are probably other ones. That is pretty much it, we recognize that. Now we have to win period. We will see what happens. Stranger things have happened. I have been around this game a long time. Stranger things have happened. But we know one thing for sure is we better win.

Q: There was a lot made of LeSean going back to Philly, are you okay with him not talking to media after the game?

A: Well I am okay with LeSean [McCoy] speaking his mind and things like that. Obviously very emotional at the time. He probably would have regretted some things that he was going to say and that is why he probably chose to do it the route that he chose. Does he have a right to his opinion and do different things, absolutely. You know, I can tell you this–did it hurt him, oh yeah and it should hurt. There is a lot of people in that locker room that you know that were, I don’t know if devastated is the right word. But I think in his point, his way I think he was probably devastated by it. So you know, I know I was. Did I speak to the media afterwards? I did. Did I need some time to cool off? I absolutely did. And maybe he just needed a little more time to cool off.

Q: Did he return to home with you guys, there was a bar advertising a post-game party with his likeness?
A: I am not going to get into all that kind of stuff about you know is this right, is that right. I think that is, you know, it is what it is.

Q: So did he return with the team?
A: I am not going to say if he did or he didn’t.

Q: The chances of putting together a three game winning streak to end the season with the inconsistencies of this team?
A: Yeah well it is not going to be easy certainly. But to think that we are going to quit, I think that is the wrong team. Because we are not quitting. We now look, we have had five losses where we have had the ball in our hand to go in the game to tie or win a game. The last drive of a game. So this team is not quitting. We are not giving up. We know we got a tough stretch. This game right here in particular we are going up against Washington. I mean we know we are going to have three tough games, there is no doubt.

Q: How would you asses Tyrod’s game yesterday?
A: I thought it was tremendous. It is so rare that you see him throw an interception. I think that caught us all off guard at the end. And he has got to get that ball out of his hand a little quicker. I think that was big thing. I thought he made a good decision. He saw the one safety double Sammy [Watkins], the other safety was in the post so he makes the throw on the wheel route. You just got to get rid of it a little quicker. Because Robert [Woods] was open.

Q: Do you air on the side of caution with Aaron Williams and bringing him back this season and do you expect him to practice this week?
A: Well he has been practicing. So I think that’s good. But do I expect him to play, no I don’t. Absolutely we will air on the side of caution when it comes to his injury, the type of injury he has with a neck. I think that is a given.

Q: Seantrel was inactive. Was there a set back with him and his illness?
A: Yeah he had a set back with his illness. We hope that he will be able to return here today hopefully.

Q: What went into the decision to punt from the 36?
A: Well that was Danny [Crossman] and I talking, you know that wasn’t, we said the two choices we have are either to go for it on fourth down or punt them in. I felt good about how we were playing. I think you know on defense if we can get a three and out that we maintain field position, finally flip the field. That was the reason why I punted. At no point did we think we could make the field goal. That wasn’t even a, in the conversation.

Q: Was that from talking to Dan Carpenter and him telling you it was out of his range?
A: No this was talking to Danny [Crossman] that we felt that hey look at this spot that the choices were…Now look, if this was going to be the last second of the game to go for it or whatever. We might have considered it. We thought after talking with Danny the two choices where either going to come down to us going for it or punting. I thought you know what lets punt them deep and try to get them inside the 10 which we did. And then force the three and out. It looked like the right move. Unfortunately we fumbled the punt.

Q: Do you have to reflect in the offseason to change the mentality of the team to stop the penalty problem?
A: Yeah, but it is not like we are getting the personal fouls. I know we had the one with Richie [Incognito] on the face mask. But when you are getting beat up front you are not going to get quarterback hit, I think sometimes that happens, some of the holdings. The off-sides is I think if you are going to say a lack of discipline. That would be the sign of lack of discipline, if that is what you are wanting. Because we got to be queued into the football. Doesn’t matter how hard the cadence is, all that kind of stuff. That means nothing. We have got to be dialed into the football in those situations. Almost every one of them happened in a third and longer situation that you know you got there let’s keep them in that thing, make a play and get off the field. Because it makes a big difference. So those are things, it was disappointing to me because some of the good things we did in the game that is thing that people are going to focus on. And I understand it.

Q: How do you feel about Nigel and Gilmore coming back?
A: I feel good about Nigel [Bradham]. I think that is, I think that one is we will see. I know he is desperate to play and I think that there is a real possibility he will play. Stephon [Gilmore] I doubt it. Right now I don’t think that looks good.

Q: Karlos and Clay?
A: Yeah Karlos [Williams] I am not sure about Karlos we will see how that thing how the week progressive. And then as far as Charles Clay is I know they are looking him. I always tell you it is never a good thing when you don’t finish a game. So I don’t know if we have had one guy not finish a game and play the next week. I am not saying it can’t happen but sometimes it is not a good sign.

Q: Is it still the back?
A: Yeah it was the back, yup.

Q: Would you consider going back to Kraig Urbik after a game like that from John Miller?
A: Well you consider it. But we will see how it goes. He has played well up until that. That is obviously his worst game I think he has played. How much of it was due to what he was going up against, I don’t know. That was probably a factor as well.

Q: Is it concerning saying you wanted to build a bully and then say after the 13th game you got man handled up front?
A: Well yeah, it is disappointing because we did, we got, you know, they beat us up front. Like I say it doesn’t happen very often. I don’t know if I can point to another game and physically say that. Now did we run for 150 yards, I think we did. You know but to our standards when I say we got whipped up front with the penalties and all that. That to our standards we expect a bigger performance. And certainly to my standards. So when I look at that yeah that’s is disappointing. Because I think we want to be the most physical team. Going into every game you want to win that physical battle. And you want to win that line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. I don’t think we can say that this past week. With the, regardless of the fact that we have more rushing yards than they did, I don’t think we can say that.

Q: Very first play for them you challenge, did you see something or did that come down to you?
A: No, it was great operation from up top. Obviously that has been a good improvement.

Q: What went wrong on those last two offensive drives?
A: You know, like I said I think if we just get the ball out a little quicker I think we are in business.  We wish we had that back. Obviously the guy makes a nice, gets his hands up able to deflect the ball. There is always those types of things that come up. But you give the opponent credit they made the play at the end to seal a victory for them.

Q: Is there a common thread you can see that isn’t clicking on offensive at the end of games?
A: Well it is something we are certainly going to look at. It is putting us in more during the course of practice putting us in more of those game ending situations, maybe so.

Q: That is part of the franchise guy someone who can make those plays, is that something you have talked to him about or would like to see him take that next step?
A: Well yeah I think you are exactly right. I think all the other numbers are telling you that this young man has a real chance. Never be considered a great quarterback until you can bring your team back and win in those situations. So yeah I would say that, that is the next stage in being able to bring his team back in those situations. I think we did in Tennessee might be the only one I can think of offhand. You guys might.

Q: Houston.

A: Yeah and Houston too. So you know a couple times. But would you like to do it, I think we have five more opportunities as a team. You definitely, you would love to be able to see that on a consistent basis.

Q: With John Miller struggles would you consider putting Kraig Urbik back in the lineup?
A: Yeah that we had said before. You consider that, we will see as the week goes on. How much of it was, was the injury a factor I am not real sure about that. So we will see.

Q: As we get closer to the end of the year do any of the injuries lean towards being done for the year?
A: It could. I think it is too early to say right now. Until we get the medical things on that.

Q: Gilmore?

A: Well I think that is something you know with that shoulder as a dislocation could it be a possibility, I am not ruling it out.

Q: How much of a concern is it that this injury with Seantrel keeps popping back up?
A: Well it is a concern. The first thing you think of is the young man. So I think that is the major concern right there. The way it affects his you know his career moving forward we will see. I don’t foresee that being a thing he can’t overcome. But right now as the way it is kind of going like this a little bit for the rest of the season. That is probably a possibility.

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