Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Friday, September 11, 2015

Opening Comments:

Guys that did not participate today: (Marquise) Goodwin with ribs and (Tony) Steward, knee.

All these players were full: (Charles) Clay, knee. (LeSean) McCoy, hamstring. (Sammy) Watkins, hamstring. (Robert) Woods, hip. Mario Williams, calf. (Chris) Hogan, knee. (Percy) Harvin, hip.

Here’s whose out and all that: So Goodwin and Steward are out for the game.

Every one of these other guys are probable, that’s: Clay, Harvin, Hogan, McCoy, Watkins, Mario and Woods. Everybody’s probable.

So with that, fire away.

Q: Big story of the day was the Patriot headset issue last night. Have you ever had problems with your headset?
A: Throughout my time I’ve had some problems with the headset, but I don’t recall what stadium or anything.

Q: Have you talked to Dan Carpenter at all to try and inspire some confidence in him after going 3- 6 in the preseason? You’ve had some pretty glaring comments for him.
A: Yeah but he’s a kicker, you gotta have skin like an armadillo to be a kicker, he has that. He knows he’s kicking this week so we’ll see but I will say this he’s kicked better. For some reason, maybe it’s game time and all that stuff and kickers are little different sometimes. I remember Matt Stover, my gosh sometimes couldn’t make a kick, and then you go into the real game, he doesn’t miss them. So…and Dan’s proven that he’s that kind of kicker. He can kick here, he can kick in the conditions so I just want to make sure that he’s ready and I think he’s ready to go.

Q: So you have full confidence in Dan Carpenter?
A: I have full confidence in him and if he wants to stick it to me that’s fine too, I love it.

Q: How comfortable are you going into week one with a kickoff specialist, and a kicker?
A: That’s something that you don’t really…I think we’re the only team in the league with one but he better be great at it. So when he’s…I don’t know what his numbers but they’re as high up as anybody’s in the league. Haven’t made my mind up if we’re gonna go in with the extra kickoff guy or not but certainly have him on a team for those purposes.

Q: Is Corbin Bryant going to start for Marcell Dareus?
A: Yes, absolutely. Corbin will start and we feel great about that.

Q: Is it more challenging to watch film with the addition of Andre Johnson and Frank Gore? Giving the fact they haven’t been on film with the Colts offense yet?
A: The one thing is you know those two players. Obviously we’ve gone against them and things. Two of the best players in the league. How they mesh with their new teammates, I guess we’re gonna find out. But you do have some reps in the preseason and things. It’s a little different because you had Andre playing a lot of slot also as well as outside, so that was a little different. But you know shoot, we know those guys.

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