Bills fans expect a new era with Rex Ryan. An era where the Bills do the pushing around and play aggressive and buck the odds. Yes, Coach Rex Ryan is known for his big personality and attacking defense, exactly what Bills fans were looking for. However, on Sunday against Tom Brady, Ryan chose to play it “safe” and allow Brady to sit in the pocket and rush with only four. Ryan’s strategy was to drop more men in coverage and hopefully frustrate the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Obviously it backfired big time.

In his postgame remarks Bill Belichick stated he was surprised Ryan backed off. “Defensively, they didn’t really blitz the whole first half. They ran a couple of zone pressures where one guy blitzed and the other guy dropped. They didn’t really play pressure at all in the second half, and then we saw a little more pressure defense. We kind of anticipated that at half time. We didn’t think they would keep doing the same thing for as long as they did, but they pretty much did the whole first half. “

Most who follow Ryan felt he would use the Bills front seven to force Brady into errors and put pressure in his face, something that the Giants used with success in Super Bowl XLII. Certainly the Bills had the right players to make that work, but instead Ryan went traditional and explained it after the game. “Yeah, we were going to put it on our front four. We thought we had an advantage there. Ball came out a lot of times and if you turn some people loose…Regardless of the coverage. We were mixing in two man, a bunch of different things. But shoot it’s to their credit. You know I’ve been on the wrong end of it a few times when the kid gets hot and Brady was hot and if you make a mistake on top of it he kills you.

The media also questioned Ryan about playing the odds and punting on fourth and one at the Patriots 41. Ryan again stated he thought it was the right call at the time.

In an interview before the game on ESPN Rex Ryan told Hannah Storm that Buffalo was his last stop and he expects to coach this team for at least ten years. Ryan said he realized after getting fired in New York that he should remain true to himself and not try to be someone else. Next time he plays Tom Brady and the Pats he should remember that.

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