Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Monday, September 28, 2015

Opening Statement

Should I make an opening statement? Alright. Will do. Yeah what the heck, huh? Well the Sabres look good, so we got that thing going to for us.

In the game obviously a lot of positives for us to take from. There are some things that we need to get better at. And I think as we look at the tape and get with our players you know we got to correct a few things that you know what as we get going keep improving little by little. And then we will end up where we want to be. Clearly there were a lot of good things and I think the number one thing it started with protection on offense against a pretty good pass rush from Miami. They might not have the numbers, but they have some talent there. And when Tyrod [Taylor] had time he did a good job. He had some open receivers. I really like the way [Chris] Hogan stepped in and played, specifically he did a great job. And I don’t know if you can tell or not, but our receivers, I am proud of the way we are blocking. Unselfish guys, I know [Robert] Woods got a 15-yard penalty for taking a guy on his back or something. But he has been doing a tremendous job, Hogan is blocking well. Percy Harvin, we have him blocking their best linebacker yesterday and things. But unselfish, and that is the mark of a good team, that is the type of team we want to be. It also will lead to big runs for us and I think we saw that a little bit as the game went on.

Defensively, it is unfortunate we could have had a big game, we gave up two explosive plays on… quite honestly one on a jump ball that was kind of, I don’t know, it wasn’t, ahh it was lucky. But anyway, I am looking for the word, lucky, I think was the word I am looking for. And then the other one we blew a coverage, a simple coverage that we need to stay deep on. We kind of got sucked in and for no reason. We want them to throw the ball that they threw for a touchdown, but we think it is an interception, and not a touchdown. We are still not there defensively, but we are a heck of a lot better this week than we were last week.

Injury front there is obviously… it is not concerns I think concerns is not the right word, but there is. We talk to our players, we challenge our players all the time, you got to be ready to go. And everybody on that roster has to be ready to go, you are one play away that is the old saying. But it is true now. When you don’t finish a game, most of the time the following week those players aren’t available. So whether they are or not, obviously it is too early in the week to tell, but we have got to go in thinking the next guy is going to have to step up and do a good job for us. So, you know just obviously with that game, and then starting on the Giants. I will open it up for questions.

Q: So Sammy Watkins might not be able to go?

A: I don’t know. I mean that is certainly a possibility. Like I say all those guys, regardless of who it is, if you don’t, if you generally don’t finish a game sometimes, safe to say and not always…but not always… is that good…but I think in most cases that happens. Whether it is him or whether it is whoever, you know [John] Miller who knows. So we have to be ready to roll.

Q: LeSean and Sammy were expected to be your stars on offense, is it a good thing that the offense is producing with them not producing as much as you would think so?

A: Well we said all along that we thought we have a team that is loaded with weapons. And when you add, so I think the guy that kind of floated under the radar was Percy Harvin. Oh by the way the Bills signed Percy Harvin, okay. Percy Harvin is a big time player, a big time player. And I think we are seeing that. It is funny when they kicked the onside kick. Go ahead kick it to our guy. It is one of our best players, go ahead kick it right there. Percy goes up makes the play, but that is him. He is unselfish, he will do whatever it takes for the team. He stepped up in a big way in Sammy’s [Watkins] absence. But we do, we have a ton of weapons. And once we get those guys a 100% or close–you are never really a 100%. But once you get guys, you know, you get LeSean [McCoy] back at where, when he is really humming. Because he is special, he is a special player. Sammy can be the same, is obviously the same way when he is healthy. But when we kind of got to hold serve till we get everybody at that level. Guys have stepped in. Charles Clay, obviously Karlos Williams I think has stepped up in a big way. You know so, we have got plenty of weapons, but it will be fun once get everybody about 100%.

Q: You said yesterday that Greg Roman never really had Tyrod do a straight drop back to start the game can you talk about how that changes the pass rush?

A: Well no, it was a good thing because sometimes you know you are playing at home, first home game. You have read the papers you have to get after it, and all that kind of stuff. You are thinking about it whether you look at it or not, and he never really gave you a chance to be successful rushing. So I think that was just a great way to set things up I think, set the table for our team. And I thought Greg [Roman] did a tremendous job of…he does a great job each week.

Q: Greg said he gave you a lot of credit for bringing the team back together after last week’s loss?

A: Yeah, I pulled out some tricks, but what I did was I told them the truth. As I mentioned yesterday that our bounce back started in the fourth quarter of that New England game. You know back when, it is easy to throw out the white flag you are down all those scores, we did just the opposite. We actually made it a game and that was too…and against a team that was trying to stick it to you. We know it, everybody knows it, I am the only guy that will admit it. But we knew it. And it was like okay, this is who we are. I can tell you this–we are a very talented team. Especially when we have our guys out there. We will see how it goes. We know we are a long way away you know from matching up I guess with New England obviously they blew us out. Okay, we’ll see. But each week we move on. That was when I knew this team, because I am finding out about this team, but they showed me a lot. They showed me about the heart and the resiliency and everything else. So I expected us to play well when we went to Miami and we certainly bounced back.

Q: Aaron Williams update?

A: No. Still stiff and sore we will see how he progresses. I think with all these guys, literally everyone one, I know I am being real vague on the injury stuff, but it so early it is right after a game. Aaron’s not, but I think all these guys we will have a better idea or better handle on it as the week goes on. You know hopefully they will be ready to play but we will see.

Q: How happy are you with Darby?

A: Extremely happy. I don’t know if there is a rookie corner playing better than him. Kid from Kansas City is playing pretty good. But [Ronald] Darby is doing a tremendous job. We have really got, three of draft picks are playing probably as good as any of them. You know with Darby, [John] Miller, and Karlos Williams. So I think obviously you tip your hat to our scouting department Doug Whaley and them. All we do is sign them. We want to sign good football players, and we will worry about their role later. Well it just so happens Leodis McKelvin has a setback this kid starts and he is doing a great job. And he is playing like a guy with a lot more experience than he has. But he is confident, doesn’t matter who you match him up with, the guy has done a tremendous job for us. Obviously this week will be interesting, but we will see.

Q: With a few more hours to think about it are you considering resting Shady this week?

A: Well we will consider doing anything that is in the best interest of our football team and our players. So if that is… I am not going to say yeah I will rest him. I think I will let our experts look at that. Our doctors and our trainers all that type of stuff. They will tell me and I think that is what we will do.

Q: Is he worse than how he was at this time last week?

A: I have no idea. I have no idea.

Q: After the first game against the Colts you guys seemed to get really full of yourselves, now you guys are coming off a big win what are the important lessons not to get to high again?

A: I am not going to say you aren’t full of something else, but…I don’t think we were. Nah. Hey we are happy to get a win, it is hard to win in this league. Yeah you are happy to get a win, obviously we got a great deal of work in front of us. In particular in the challenges we may or may not be facing as far as the injury front is concerned or whatever. We got to get, we have to have our team ready to go. Not just the so called starting 11 or something or starting 22. We have got to make sure this team is ready to go. And that will be the challenge to the coaches as well.

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