Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Monday, November 28, 2016
Opening statement:

Alright after looking at the tape there I feel obviously happy with the results, found a way to win the game. We know it wasn’t perfect by any stretch, we made plenty of mistakes but we got to learn from them and move because this football team we are getting ready to play obviously I think is ranked number one in the AFC right now. So that is obviously going to be a huge challenge for us. Our protection, I was disappointed in our protection. Obviously they had five sacks in the game and pressured us a lot. They outnumbered up front so it was hard to get our running game really going, but I liked the fact that we were resilient, we stayed the course and found a way to get to it done and made enough plays in the game to win the game. So that was encouraging. And then defense gave up a huge drive to start the game which was obviously disappointing, get a stop in the red zone and have penalty. We were going maximum coverage so we got to eliminate those. Had to many of those in the red zone, but that is an area in particular we got to get better at. We already studied where we are failing in the red zone and obviously we would actually I think be amongst the leaders in the league from around the 20 all the way down into the five but it is inside the five they scored 12 times in 22 plays. So obviously that is a huge area of concern, some are in goal line situations quite honestly I think last year we were number one in the league. You know there are some things to look at obviously everybody runs the same call down there. We just got to get better playing down there. But yeah that is in an area, obviously you can’t focus a whole lot but that area right there is killing us so we got to do some internal things down there that we have to get better at.

Injury front obviously (Ronald) Darby is the concussion protocol, (Walter) Powell has the ankle, and all these things we will see how they progress through the week and obviously lean on our medical staff for all of these. Marcell Dareus with the abdominal strain, our medical staff continues to evaluate him. Percy Harvin with the migraines, we mentioned an illness migraines, Corbin Bryant shoulder and then Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy both came through the game fine. They are clear with no issues. With that I will open it up for questions.

Q: How much more do you need to lean on that resilience to make it through these final games?
A: That is what it is going to take. Nobody is 100% right now, but we got to, we have had our share to say the least of injuries. We had good players, getting Marcell Dareus back that was a huge one, but we can just pretend it doesn’t make a difference, this just in it makes a huge difference. I think part of our goal line I think has a chance to get better now that he is playing. But we got to just move on, if there are certain guys out others have to step up. And eventually when we get everybody back healthy which there is a chance, when that happens we just got to hold serve, we got to hold on and keep winning and hopefully get healthy.

Q: From what you saw from Sammy Watkins this week do you think he will be good to increase his role as he only saw about half the snaps?
A: Yeah I don’t want to place any number on it, will he get more, less whatever we will just be smart with him, we will be smart through the week as well. We are not going to overdue him on the practice field, we need him healthy. Recognizing that he has had a lot of time off, hasn’t done a whole lot of football activity. We got to balance that. Obliviously we all want to get him on the field for the entire game but I don’t know if that is the best thing for him and for our football team.

Q: Justin Hunter has been a consistent red zone target. Has he earned more consideration to be on the field outside the red zone?
A: Yeah I think so, all he does is catch touchdowns. I remember that quote from somebody. But just like we had TD Mike (Gillislee), now we got TD (Justin) Hunter, touchdown Hunter. But yeah gives us a huge red zone threat but also I think he does warrant more playing time. So we will with some of the injuries we have there is no reason he shouldn’t be able to play more.

Q: You didn’t mention Gillislee in your injury report earlier what do you think of him for this week?
A: I think everything looks good so hopefully he is on track to return this week.

Q: If Darby can’t go would you move Seymour to the outside with White’s struggles or is he strictly a nickel guy?
A: That is a possibility. I thought Corey White actually played well for us. When we moved him outside to corner he gave up the one jump ball but I think they threw three or four of them, that kid 15 (Allen Robinson) is a really good receiver over there. I thought he played pretty good over there considering he has no work on the corner. So we can put him at corner or we could put Corey at safety and definitely more (Kevon) Seymour over there. I think he has that kind of ability.

Q: What is working for your red zone offense, it is now ranked 5th in the league?
A: Well I think we are running the ball down there effectively, I think our quarterback comes alive. Obviously going into the game the plan wasn’t to run Tyrod (Taylor) as much, but running for first downs and touchdowns is okay. So down there it is hard to defend, some of those runs you might go 11 on 11 football. Because usually a defense can out number you, but when you run the ball with your quarterback it balances it out.

Q: From your injury report it sounds like Robert Woods is still a couple weeks away is that accurate?
A: I am not sure if that is fair or not we will see again this is really a list from the game but we will see how he progresses. I know you guys get tired of me saying but I don’t know what else to tell you, sounds good. But I don’t know if that is accurate or not.

Q: What about Percy Harvin and his migraine issue?
A: Yeah you feel terrible for him because I know how hard that he is trying to get and how much he wants to get back and help this football team and it is tough to see him so up in the condition that he is in. But I think you got to be patient, when he is ready to get back out there we will put him out there.

Q: Did he have those last year with you or while you were at the Jets?
A: Yeah we actually had no issues with that all through last year and the time I had him with the Jets.

Q: Is it too early to tell if Marcell Dareus will be ready for next week?
A: Well I know he is being evaluated by our medical staff but I am certainly hopeful that he out there.

Q: Do you know the last time the Bills won in Oakland?
A: No.

Q: 50 years ago.
A: 50 years ago.

Q: 1966.
A: Who was the quarterback Kemp? I mean it wasn’t Dennis Shaw I know that. Wow that is amazing. Talk about a drought.

Q: Going up against this team is there any of building this game up with your team going against the best?
A: Haven’t thought about that we are just trying to find a way to win. We know our backs are to the wall regardless of who we play. So they are going to get our best shot one way or another, but I don’t know if it is extra motivation that this team has this record or whatever. They got that record because they earned it. We are just going out there because we need to win, whatever that takes, we are going to give them everything. We will see if it is good enough.

Q: Early in the third you kicked the extra point then in the fourth you went for two, why was that?
A: Generally it is too early at that time you just take the points because what you don’t want to do is start casing points. Like you hit it then, then all of sudden now you miss. The chart, the so called chart by the way I have no idea who came up with it. But that will tell you, you kick the extra point then. Then in the fourth quarter generally you play it a little bit where it goes but clearly at the time we went for it in the fourth quarter that was appropriate time to go for two.

Q: Does that start with you on the sideline?

A: No, we have it up top. Where somebody’s got it, and he’s like, “Well, Don Schula says to go for two. You know Don’s a heck of a lot smarter than you. So, go or two.” So that’s what I kind of lean on.

Q: Is there a time when you’d go for two when you don’t need it?

A: It’s aggressive, sometimes you have to do, we’re really good in the red zone, I get it, but sometimes your personnel will dictate that, sometimes who you’re playing. I still think, even though the numbers are what they are, I still feel pretty good about kicking an extra point, even though we missed.

Q: Trading touchdowns seems to be a trend here, how do you kind of stead that tide?

A: I wish we knew, but that’s when you have to be at your best to step and things. But, we have given up quite a few of those. Two back-to-back, I think, this past game. Then both teams were slugging it out, nobody could do anything. Then, all of a sudden, here it comes. But, you’ve just got to line up and play every play and find a way to get them off the field. That was the thing that was disappointing to me. I thought we had some calls set up that, you know, gave our coverage a chance, and that kid made some big runs on us on third down. Those are killers and I mentioned it, sometimes, it’s frustrating for a defense. You get them all covered up and then the quarterback makes some plays. But know we know how the other teams feel when they play us because Tyrod does the same thing. But, so, we have balance out the rushing lanes and not let these quarterbacks take off with it.

Q: Did you see what happened yesterday with the Raiders? What Khalil Mack did with the Raiders?

A: I haven’t seen that nightmare yet. But, I understand some of our coaches were talking about it and that is one special player.

Q: A few Jaguars players were complaining pretty adamantly about the officials, what did you think of how the game was called?

A: They have a right to say whatever they want. If there’s any play that jumps out at me, I can’t think of any.

Q: Is it fair to say that “ground and pound” is your identity?

A: I get it, but, it’s not like, all we’re going to do is run the football. We want to have the ability to do both. Throw it when we decide to and also be able to run it. I’ve always said, if I have my drillers, I’ll be able to run it. I’m more of a football traditionalist, and I think you win games when you run the football. But, by no means does that mean we, we have to have the ability obviously to throw the football to win in today’s game.

Q: When you’re successful in running the ball, that seems to have been the formula so far of your success.

A: Well it’s kind of how we the built the team and we want to build it with our offensive line. We’ve got, we were fortunate to be able to get a Pro Bowl running back. So, it fits, I think, the talents of our players really fits to run the football. It mirrors that. We have a quarterback that can do some special things running the football as well. So, you know, without question we should continue to do that. But, at the same time, let’s get healthy and let’s see where we’re at, and we’re throw it as well.

Q: What about the protection problems yesterday?

A: Well I think you have to give that front a lot of credit. They, you know, it wasn’t just like one player was beating us. It was a few issues there. It wasn’t like we turned people loose. People were winning one-on-one matchups. So, you have to give them a lot of credit.

Q: Are there times when Tyrod leaves the pocket maybe a little earlier than you want to?

A: I think Tyrod’s got a great feel for the protection. I think he’s, so he can sense it. Most of your really good quarterbacks have that feel. I think he knows when to escape and when to stay in there. You don’t want your quarterback looking at the rush where he has to focus down field and not be looking at a rush, and then be trying to pick up down the field. I think, Tyrod, as he goes back, is setting up looking down the field. I think he feels it and that, if he has to escape that’s what he does. So, I’m pleased with the way Tyrod handles it and has a feel. I think the big thing too is when you look at, something we don’t talk about is how we protect the football, I think it’s an NFL record now, through 11 games, the least amount of turnovers, and I think that’s, that bodes well for us. I know our record is not great right now, 6-5, but, if you continue to play like this and we’re able to get some turnovers on defense, I think that’s obviously how you win in this league. So, as much as Tyrod will maybe escaped the pocket or whatever, we still protect the football. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, even with mobile quarterbacks.

Q: You guys got booed quite a bit in this first half. What does that do to the team?

A: Our team never got booed. I think our fans are great. They stay with our team all the way. I think the booing was directed at me and our team understands that.

Q: Do you know who the Raiders quarterback was last time the Bills won in Oakland?
A:  Well was it a former Buffalo Bill Daryle Lamonica?

Q: Close he was actually on the Bills by then.
A: Okay give me another shot at it. Okay so he was with the Bills by then.

Q: He was a former Super Bowl winning head coach.

A: Tom Flores.

Q: Correct.

A: Very impressive. 

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