Rex Ryan has gotten more national attention in two weeks than Doug Marrone got in two years. Ryan can’t help it, he has a microphone thrust in his face no matter where he goes. Whether it’s in pizza commercials, having his tattoo colored in or being asked his opinion on “deflate gate”, Ryan is in the spotlight.

Whether any of that wins one more football game for the Buffalo Bills is anyone’s guess, but it has Ryan on the minds of Bills fans almost every day. Everywhere I go I get asked the same question, ” did you see Rex Ryan said?”

Ryan has hired most of his Jets staff to follow him to Buffalo which is not surprising. It doesn’t sit well with everyone, like my buddy Art Wander for instance, but that’s what coaches do everywhere they go. The one exception of course was Greg Roman who came from San Francisco, It is significant that Ryan brought a new face to his staff on offense because that’s where he struggled in New York.

When the Bills hired Ryan I was surprised and said so. Watching Ryan from afar I had felt the shine had come off the apple. Now seeing Ryan up close I see he brings an infectious sense of optimism with him. The players say they’re happy and by all accounts that has been the case where ever Ryan goes. Having happy players can help you in the dog days of December, but as we saw in New York doesn’t necessarily mean wins.

For now I am enjoying the Rex Ryan experience and look forward to mini camp when Ryan gets to hold daily media conferences. That’s when Ryan is at his best and all we will have to critic him until his performance truly counts in September. That is when Ryan will receive attention strictly for what his team does on the football field and not so much what he says during the week.yaRyan


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