DON’T GET ME STARTED kept saying last year that the Buffalo Bills need to establish a consistency on the field.

Rex Ryan

Art Wander

You can zero in on the running game; the defense; the special teams; the quarterback situation; the standings and ever so many other things that showed an inconstancy over the past several years.

Yet, there is one area where they exhibit a great consistency, TAKING TOO MANY PENALTIES IN A GAME! Saturday night, I kept counting after the Bills were flagged 10 times.  Everyone knows last season, they were one of the league leaders in yellow flag miscues.

No matter how much coach Rex Ryan talks about the situation, it seems that’s all he does – talk about it.  Every player loves Rex Ryan – he’s a player’s coach.  I haven’t heard too many criticisms leveled against the player for botching a play or taking too many penalties.

I look at Bill Belichick and if a player screws up – he’s on the bench and sometimes he’s gone the next season.

It might be time for Ryan to puff out his chest and deliver criticism and if he’s allowed to hit the player with a fine – do it.

Fans deserve more.  They watch the game and after every play – before they start to cheer a completion –  the first thing fans do is scour the field to see if a flag was thrown.  That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

Ryan has talked about it to the point where the fans are getting sick and tired of it.  It’s time for Ryan to act like a real head coach and tell his players he’s not going to take it anymore.  Noticed on the sidelines Saturday, to me he didn’t seem to be too disturbed when the Bills defenders hit the neutral zone twice in succession to give Indy 10 yards and a first down.

Enough is enough.  I want to watch the game – not watching the ref announce another penalty on the Buffalo Bills.  It’s time for Ryan to penalize the guilty player even at the cost of being noted as a player’s coach on Don’t Get Me Started.

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