Head Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Opening Statement:

Okay well we have to know it is June 8th so we were going to be outside regardless, but little breezy out there, cool and all that. But it was a great opportunity I thought for us to practice in the kind of conditions you get during the season with quite a bit of wind and all that. But we had three quarterbacks and I was impressed by all three quarterbacks today due to the fact our guys can spin it well enough to go cut right through the wind. So I thought that was impressive. I have been with some teams where our quarterback quite honestly couldn’t throw the ball outside the numbers. So this was a good deal for me to watch, whether we were throwing with the wind or into the wind the guys did a nice job of that. But either way a little breezy out there appreciate you guys coming out and watching. With that I will open it up for questions.

Q: What impressed you about EJ today?
A: I have been really impressed with EJ [Manuel] this past week, this whole week really. Done a good job, think he has done a great job. We are really emphasized the red zone. So every day we put the ball in the red zone because there are tighter windows to throw through and you know the timing has to be right. Our guy is doing a pretty good job of it. But EJ in particular I like the touch he has had on the football and the accuracy he is throwing with.

Q: What went wrong on the final play there then with him?
A: That was good touch, but unfortunately it bounced off our full back, you know hit our full back in the chest. I am not naming the fullback, but it wasn’t Cookie Gilchrist.

Q: What do you think EJ needs to improve in his game?
A: I think the big thing about EJ [Manuel] and I am sure is what everybody respects is how hard he is working and the fact that he is trying to get better. That is evident by the way he is practicing. Obviously he has got a good work ethic, and studies and all that so we will see. You hope you don’t have to use him because that means something happened to our starting quarterback in Tyrod [Taylor] but the fact is we feel pretty good about having him there. And then we love having Cardale [Jones] as the, coming in as the number three quarterback. So we like our quarterback situation.

Q: How would you asses the receiving core after Sammy and Robert Woods?
A: Yeah I think it is all going to have to shake out. Nobody has really jumped out. Obviously you have got [Greg] Salas I think he played pretty well for us at the end of the year and we are actually looking at him returning punts as well. So he is doing a nice job but overall hey this guy is a clear number three, number four, whatever it is. You really haven’t seen it, and let’s not forget we have somebody that is [Marquise] Goodwin having the furthest jump in the world, long jump. So that is a real positive but having him comeback after the Olympics will be good. [Kolby] Listenbee he has been explosive when he is out here so we have to get him healthy. So that receiving core might look a little different but I am excited to see these guys you know when training camp comes around. We will see who separates themselves at that point.

Q: Is Listenbee still dealing with the hernia from pre-draft?
A: Yeah, no it is still something like a little scar tissue or whatever. Which everybody knew, not everybody knew, we only knew after the trainers told us yeah that is going to happen. So you have to fight through a little bit of that.

Q: With Goodwin losing out on being here for practice, will that factor into playingtime or even making the roster?
A: I think that is part of it. We know it is not an ideal situation right now for him on this football team. But it is something, we are proud of the fact that he is representing our country, he is representing our football team, our community. But yeah is it hurting him, I would think so a little bit. But he will have time. He is going to have time to come back and develop those football skills and things. You know one thing we know, if he is not the fastest guy in the league he is certainly right up there in the conversation. So that is a real positive for him. But when it is time after he is done with his training for the Olympics and after he, hopefully he brings back gold that would be fantastic then he will have time to come back here and catch up

Q: When are you expecting him back?
A: I think right after the Olympics. Right when he runs his event and then come on back in and get back here and we will be excited to see him.  

Q: Have you been in touch with Gilmore at all and do you expect him to be here next week?
A: Yeah I would expect him to be here. I have had some conversations with him and things. But I would expect him here.

Q: Do you think you can depend on EJ as your backup?
A: Yeah I think absolutely. As I mentioned yeah he will be our backup quarterback and then the young man we drafted from Ohio State I think he has a chance too. So we will see how he does. That is how we brought it in, it is almost, unlike last year we are set alright here is the pecking order. Tyrod [Taylor] is the number one guy, EJ [Manuel] is two and Cardale [Jones] is three. So we know that going in.

Q: Seems like Preston has gotten you message about being more assertive, what are you seeing?
A: Well I definitely see it. I think the big deal is understand that it wasn’t that I was displeased with him as far as his mental, knowing his assignment and all that. He was always on top of it, but playing that middle linebacker position or playing one of those inside backers spots you want to be vocal. You want to do more than just your job. You got to be the voice everybody listens to and Preston [Brown] has done that. He has done a great job of that and you are right he is out there barking it out and guys are listening to him.

Q: How is Reggie working with him?
A: One, two punch man. We are in business right there. So both guys doing a great job. Doing a great job in the classroom, and when they are out there we are able to do some unique things with those guys. They have similar skill sets, and like I said we are going to be hard to find out who is who.

Q: No Cordy or Seantrel, where were they today?
A: Well Cordy [Glenn] is going to be just fine, and Seantrel [Henderson] it is great having him back here. You know he has been around the last couple of days and he is basically following the protocol and I think he was riding a bike today and thing. Yeah it is really good to have him back in our building.

Q: Is Cordy an injury situation?
A: Yeah it is nothing serious.

Q: You talked highly about Seymour last week, do you still see that?
A: Yeah I think he is doing a great job. Actually another guy I have been really impressed with is Corey White. See number 30 out there and he has done a real nice job for us as well. So real fired up about him. Almost throwing that rookie into the fire, without Stephon [Gilmore] here we have been putting him really with the first group and doing it just to see how he would respond. He has done a great job.

Q: Now that Seantrel has met with your training staff, any idea of when he might be able to return?
A: Yeah not at all. It is way too early right now to put a timetable on it.

Q: Colt Anderson has got a lot of punch for a little guy?
A: Boy he does. I think the thing you look at, obviously the thing jumps out at you is this is one of the best special teams players in the league. So I think is what we know we are getting. We are also getting a guy that can play safety, he has done it, and then when we bring him in the mix it is like you know are taking a guy because of what we know he does on teams but the fact that this guy is a pretty good player as well. That is what I can’t tell you the depth that we have at the safety position now. Guys are studying, they are doing everything, it is going to be, you know we may end up keeping them all. You never know it is a crazy year like that. But the numbers you generally keep four, well I have kept as many as five, maybe it is six this year, who knows.

Q: With this team’s history, I don’t want to put him on the same level as Steve Tasker but…
A: Oh gosh, I hope he is half as good as [Steve] Tasker. You know Tasker in my opinion may be the best special teams player I ever saw. But he, Colt [Anderson] really is a good special team player, and so is [Lorenzo] Alexander. So we got two monsters on special teams already and by the way they can play football and play defense. So that really helps, no doubt.

Q: You talked about the safeties, how much does Ed Reed have an influence on that?
A: I think you can ask these guys. They all in there, I call him the Pied Piper because those guys follow him, and why not. Here is a guy that played in the system, is clearly going to be a first ballot hall of famer, playing the same position you play. So I think it only makes sense. Obviously you know this isn’t, does he know the system, this is his defense. Yeah absolutely, a great thing and you also have Tim McDonald and a young coach in D’Anton Lynn. We are loaded back there but these guys are taking advantage of it. So it is not that, some people may have a good resources in the coaching staff and all that but your players have to take advantage of it and our guys do that.

Q: Preston Brown made his allegiance clear to the Cavaliers, where do you stand on the NBA Finals series?
A: Oh I am not going to say a word because I got in trouble picking the Sabres into the playoffs, so I am not going to pick anybody. But no, I am not going, at least I did figure out it is supposed to be five on the basketball court right, six man remember I blew that one last time. I don’t know a whole lot about it but that big ‘ole rascal can play tight end for us if he wants to.

Q: Lebron?
A: Lebron [James].

Q: How do you think that would work out?
A: Good. I think it would work out well. I don’t think he would quite make that money that he is making now, might have to take a step back.

Q: What would make Lebron a good NFL player?
A: Everything. I mean you look at him he is physical, he has got unbelievable, look at the range no way you can cover him. There is no way you could cover him. Fast, physical, we will give it a shot.

Q: Looked like IK was getting even more starting reps, could he push for a starting role or take Manny’s?
A: Absolutely he could do that, with Shaq [Lawson] on the shelf and all that. No doubt. Now Manny [Lawson] what I have always said about Manny is can be a catch all for this team. Outside, inside, you can always play him. But yeah IK [Enemkpali] has done really well, and I think today we had him primarily with the ones, we are bumping guys around and stuff but yeah he will have a chance.  You look at IK he is a physical player, he is doing a much better job in his pass coverage reasonability. So yeah I can definitely see him pushing for playing time without question.

Q: How do you think he dealt with everything last year and his transition onto this team?
A: I thought he did a really good job because that is not easy. I think you know he certainly didn’t want that to you know that, he doesn’t want that mark on him. Everybody sees him as the guy that punched Geno [Smith] or something like that. This guy is just a football player and that is what he wants to be known as. And that was just an unfortunate thing that happened to him.

Q: Have you noticed a difference in him now that he is a little bit removed from that incident?
A: Well I think he has finally, that is behind him. So his focus is becoming the best football player he can be. I know one thing he fits in great here with his teammates.

Q: Is it safe to say the experiment with TJ Barnes on offense is over?
A: Did not go great. Man that looked great on paper though. TJ [Barnes] just goes please Rex [Ryan] bring me back to defense. I go, okay you got it. But I love the fact that he was willing to try and he did. It wasn’t just a one day deal, he was trying for a few weeks. At the end of the day he is just like you know, he just did not feel comfortable. As he put it I am tired of getting my butt kicked out there. But to his credit he was out there battling and he was trying to get better. So we put him back to defense.

Q: How do you feel the defensive line is handling the loss of Mario Williams both on and off the field?
A: I think first off that guys really, Mario [Williams] really was you know a friend of many people on this team. So that is never an easy deal, obviously a talent as he making like $16 million or whatever it was. So that is a talent certainly, you put that behind you, you move on. I think guys are working extremely hard, and in this league you can’t keep everybody you wish you could for whatever reason. I know one thing I am excited about it. We are getting everything we want out of the guys. You mention an IK [Enemkpali], you mention different guys a Corbin Bryant. Whoever it is they step in and we move on we don’t look back.

Q: It looked like LeSean wasn’t getting any work in team drills, is that an injury?
A: He did individual today, he just had a tight hamstring. So we are just trying to be smart with him. He did do a little work but we are keeping him out of the team drills.

Q: When did that flare up?
A: Oh shoot probably I am guessing here…

Q: This week, last week?
A: Yeah might have been. Like I said it wasn’t a serious injury, I think it was this week that is the only time he has missed anything.

Q: Charles Clay wasn’t out there either, injury?
A: Yeah, but it is not injury related.


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