DON’T GET ME STARTED was swallowed in the hoopla of the Buffalo Bills win over Carolina only to see the Bills out coached in the loss to the New York Jets 27-20.

Just looking at the score might have people think that this was a close game.  It wasn’t.  The Bills were completely throttled and dominated for most of the game as the battle between two rookie quarterbacks – Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel ended up with Smith trying to figure out why he wasn’t drafted in the first round of the draft like Manuel was.

The Bills had many failures.  The biggest ones came in the first half when they completely failed to hold the Jets on 3rd and long.  Three times in the Jets’ possession, they faced long yardage, including 3rd and 18 and Smith was able to loft the pass into the arms of waiting Jet receivers.  Those failures throughout the game hurt the Bills.

Will defensive back Rogers survive this week?  Who knows.  He was burned on monstrous bombs thrown by Smith = both of which went for touchdowns to Stephen Hill and Santonio Holmes.

Clearly Smith outplayed Manuel who seemed more confused than frustrated as he was sacked 8 times in the game.

Ok everyone saw the game so there’s no sense going into play by play.  These eyes focused on what kind of response Buffalo would have to the Jets march to the win and the way Rex Ryan and his coordinators managed the game.

Offensively Nate Hackett of the Bills can show a lot of enthusiasm but in this game he was outsmarted.  Hackett’s play calling certainly can be questioned.  He should have known that Ryan would focus on C.J. Spiller and the Bills running game but that thought probably escaped him.  Time and time again – especially on 1st down, Hackett called a running play.  Deep in Jets territory, it was almost predictable that the Bills would run.  They did and the Jets stuffed them.  What was it 4 times the Bills drove deep into Jets territory and all they got was field goals.  Another time Marrone went for it on 4th and 1 and failed.

For a fast paced office, Hackett didn’t show any imagination.  When everyone in the stadium knew they would run, they did and the Jets were waiting.  CJ Spiller carried 9 times for 10 yards.  Wow.  At that point Hackett should have realized what the Jets were up to.

Rex Ryan approved a defensive scheme to stop the running game and have Manuel beat them in the air.  The Bills coaching staff helped him accomplish that by playing into the Jets hand.  In short, the great hoopla of last week’s win over Carolina quickly disappeared.

Aside from Manuel’s TD pass to Chandler, the offense failed when they had great opportunities.  I kept saying, try a reverse – try a flea flicker (like the Jets did).  In short, the offense showed a dullness that resembled those teams from the past.

As far as QB protection?  8 sacks says it all.

Which brings us to Mike Pettine.  There’s not much that can be said.  The Bills defense allowed over 500 yards to the Jets.  That’s two games worth.  The secondary was humiliated as Smith attacked them through the air and the ground game also succeeded.

So the question is a simple one.  What in the world were the Bills coaches doing in the week before the game?  What didn’t they see; what didn’t they expect; how would they attack the Jets defense; how would the defense attack the Jets offense.  On Sunday there were no answers.

And the final conclusion is that Rex Ryan – his coordinators’ and assistants did a whale of a job of preparing for the Bills game as they executed while the Bills self-destructed through predictability on Don’t Get Me Started.

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