Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Opening Statement/ Injury Report
All right guys, here’s the guys that did not participate today: Stephon Gilmore, shoulder. He’s on IR so we get that one. Mario Williams again with an illness. (Charles) Clay with a back. (Seantrel) Henderson, illness. (Bacarri) Rambo, knee. Guys who were limited today: Ron Brooks, concussion / neck. John Miller, ankle. Aaron Williams, neck. Karlos Williams, shoulder. (Jerome) Felton, back. (Nigel) Bradham, ankle. (Preston) Brown, hamstring. And (Robert) Woods, hip. All right, that’s the official media report.

Q: Is there a chance of Mario Williams not playing on Sunday?

A: I’m not sure. It’s two days he’s missed, but he’ll be back. I know he wants to play. He came in and felt a little better late last night. Came in, got with (Karl) Dunbar over the plan and things like that. I know he plans on playing, we hope he plays.

Q: Is he one of the guys that can still miss practice and play?

A: Yeah, as long as you know your responsibilities and things like that. But yeah, certainly with his kind of abilities you want him out there period.

Q: What’s the status on Clay?

A: I don’t want to eliminate him, but obviously missing another day of practice doesn’t look great.

Q: Can you confirm Seantrel Henderson’s reports of having Crohn’s Disease?

A: I’m not going to confirm that. It’s an illness.

Q: Did Bacarri Rambo have a setback yesterday?

A: Yeah it was. It was a setback on the practice field. Had something happen, but we’re keeping him out. We’re hoping that he progresses where we can play him, but yeah it was a setback.

Q: Is Seantrel’s season in jeopardy at this point?

A: I’m not sure. He’s here today. I’m not real sure though what his status is. We thought he’d play last week and then the night before the game he comes down with an illness. We’re really not sure.

Q: Was he hospitalized in Philly?

A: He was.

Q: What is the status of Aaron Williams?

A: Well we know he’s not playing this week. He’s practicing though, on the scout team. We’re not ready to put him out there. He’s really non-contact. He can practice, he can run. He looks really good that way. But our trainers aren’t comfortable with him hitting anybody right now.

Q: What is the status of Karlos Williams and Nigel Bradham?

A: Nigel I don’t think is … I was more confident earlier in the week than I am now. With Karlos, that’s going to be one of those iffy things. He looks good; I think his legs are ready. How he feels with his shoulder, that’s the main issue and I think we’ll wait the next couple days before we make that determination.

Q: What is the status of Jerome Felton, Preston Brown, and Robert Woods?

A: I believe all of those guys will play. I know Preston is fighting through that hamstring. He was able to do a little more today.

Q: How would you assess Preston Brown’s performance this year?

A: He’s a good player; he’s played extremely well for us. I think that’s a tough position to play all those snaps but he does it and he’s the voice and the mike, all that type of stuff. He takes on added responsibility and obviously will be a big loss if he can’t play.

Q: Why have sites like Pro Football Focus not had high praise for him? Why do you think that might be?

A: I guess you’d have to ask Pro Football Focus whatever it is. I’m not sure. I don’t know about their evaluations. I would say if they’re very critical on him I think they missed the boat, I think he’s a good player.

Q: What do you like about Max Valles?

A: Yeah we like the fact that he came out of Virginia. And he’s a guy that we were actually considering drafting, and then he was taken before we got to. Our guys do a great job, they track a lot of different guys. I can tell you based on the evaluation we had in college that we really liked him. And you’re right; we think he does has some pass rush skills.

Q: Do you think he could get some playing time these next three weeks?

A: A possibility. Obviously don’t count on him this week. How much that is true? I’m not sure but we’ll see. It’s kind of tough, you’re coming into a brand new system and things.

Q: You mentioned Richie Incognito didn’t play as poorly as maybe you thought, or he thought himself. How did you like how he responded though? His kind of his first time all year to respond to adversity.
A: Well I know he comes out here just like it’s any week. So he’s a professional and I think he’s responded well.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman
Thursday, December 17, 2015

Q: Ryan Kerrigan has similar characteristics of J.J. Watt…
A: Yeah I mean I definitely think their motors are equivalent probably. Probably a little different athletic skill set but when it comes to a motor, second to none. Second to none. He’s…you know and that’s where he’s been since he’s been in the league.

Q: How do you like how Tyrod Taylor has grown into this job through 13 weeks and the 11 starts that he’s had?
A: I think that’s a great question. I could answer it the short form or we could sit down all day and discuss it.

Q: On Tyrod Taylor…
A: Yeah, I mean I think…again I think it starts with the type of person he is. His makeup that he is going to confront things that he doesn’t do exactly like he should or want to do, and he’s going to confront them head on and work on those things. That allows him to get better week in and week out and I think this has been invaluable for him. I think he is making great strides and in every area. It’s not just one thing. He’s got to work on this. Well it’s his first year playing so there’s a lot of things you have to see and experience, and understand how that might impact the game. I think every players a work in progress. I don’t care how old they are or how many years they got. But I think he’s done a really good job there and a lot of areas. I mean I don’t necessarily think, saying hey just this one thing, let’s talk about this today. Because it’s everything at that positon and in our offense the quarterbacks involved in everything.

Q: Too often in the league we see quarterbacks plateau at some point and Tyrod Taylor doesn’t seem to have done that just yet. Even though it’s early but just seeing that the plateau might be there.
A: I understand your question. I tend to look at it from an individual stand point and I definitely would not try to type cast him. I definitely think he stands on his own and deserves to be evaluated on his own merit, and I definitely do think he’s different then a lot of guys.

Q: You mentioned you played the Redskins the last few years – how have they changed defensively?
A: I think they’ve got bigger and stronger, and really athletic up front. And (Trent) Murphy got thrown into service last year midway through the year. He’s done a really good job. I mean I remember when that kid was coming out of high school and he’s a force to be reckoned with, with more experience under his belt. (Ryan) Kerrigan keeps getting better and then (Terrence) Knighton obviously in the middle. I mean it’s like playing with a six man line but there’s only five of them. So I just think they’ve really made a commitment to being physical it looks like on both sides of the balls. Being big, strong and I tell you that’s probably where it starts. I thought they’ve been well coached for years. I think their coaching staff this year obviously does a great job. But I think just the size and power up front.

Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman
Thursday, December 17, 2015

Q: A lot of attention made to the video of you coming off the field after Sunday’s game. What do you have to say on what happened there between you and the official?
A: I’m on to Washington.

Q: Did you expect or have you gotten word from the league?
A: I’m on to Washington.

Q: When you’ve got to shuffle the deck a little bit on the backend with guys injured and what not, how do you plan or prepare for that?
A: Well, I mean that doesn’t start the week of the game. It actually starts in OTA’s, mini camps, you know through training camp. Getting guys reps, making sure that they understand the game plan and when a starter goes down, next man up. I mean it’s a cliché but it’s the truth. You can’t worry about who is in there. A guys got to go in there and perform, and you gotta start getting them ready from the beginning of the season till the end.

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