Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Opening Statement

Well obviously I think the first order of business is I understand LeSean [McCoy] went out with a hamstring. Not going to say it is a pull, we will find out what it is. They did say, the trainer said the hamstring is intact it is not off the bone so that is a real positive. But we are getting a MRI on it to see the extent of it. Hopefully it is not a pull, just a strain. That is why we had to cut the drill short a little bit, quite honestly we were out of running backs and receivers. So it’s crazy. We had great work on the other field, I was on the other field watching our defense against Cleveland’s offense. And there was a lot of good work there, put us in some two minute situations and had a move the ball period. So that was really good, great competition against each other. I thought it was competitive but it was spirited but wasn’t over the top and that is what we wanted. I am glad we had the Browns here, I thought it was great. I certainly appreciated them coming here. We had two really good days of work. So that is really all you can ask for. We will see them in two days and play the preseason game. These two days were terrific and with that I will open it up for questions.

Q: Update on Karlos Williams?
A: He had a procedure but he is fine. He will probably be out two weeks at least. But he will be fine when we play the opener for sure and that is good news.

Q: What was it?
Scott Berchtold: Medical, it was just medical.
A: Medical thing. I don’t know. It is a sensitive thing. I don’t know how you would address it.

Q: It wasn’t an on the field thing?
A: It’s…these things can happen. I don’t know what else to say about it. He was hurt or whatever.

Scott Berchtold: It is not injury related.

There you go. Thanks Scott.

Q: What do you do moving forward at the running back position?
A: We just, I hope they are quick learners. Just picked up the kid from Stanford, who we said you are playing a half on Thursday. Come on the kid is used to cramming for tests he will be fine.

Q: With running backs and wide receivers you have to be extra concerned?
A: We are. We got a preseason game we got to play. So it is not an ideal… but it is what it is. We will just make do and we will be fine. I would be a lot more concerned if this was a regular season deal. We thought two areas that we thought had a lot of depth at, well not so fast. So I am not going to say we got a lot of depth at any other position.

Q: Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins out tonight the latest on that?
A: Well yeah and Percy [Harvin]. Percy thing was a little worse than we thought, it never really responded the way we want. I am not going to go into detail about the PRP shot that he had, but he will be fine. So he will definitely be up at least…he is so itching to get back that is why we speed it up. We were going to wait four days to give him the shot. We gave it to him early and hopefully he responds on it. We are shooting for Pittsburgh, but we are hoping we get at least Detroit the last preseason game for him. He doesn’t want to go into Indy with no game work. So he is trying to get back on the field. Sammy [Watkins] was precaution. It is the glute area and hamstring tightness. So we are obviously going to be a little leery of that.  And then Robert because of probably the extended things he felt tight. He tried to come out here today and we are just being smart with him.

Q: So what kind of offense might you have going on the field Thursday?
A: Probably not as good as we anticipate going into the season with. ….. I don’t know fellas.

Q: Do you find this an unusual training camp for injuries?
A: Yeah just for… but it is the small tissue ones. Now unfortunately we lost two guys one in a preseason game and then another one here with ACL’s. But yeah unusually high on the hamstrings. And our guys are in shape. Sometimes you get those if you are not in very good shape. But we are in shape, it’s just…. I don’t know. I think sometimes when you start taking plays off of somebody else and putting more on to other people. And we watch that all the time, but it something obviously we have been bit with.

Q: Does it compromise some of the plays you would want to have run on Thursday?
A: I guess we will find out. We are still going to be competing and going hard and everything else. But are we going to be limited? Absolutely we are going to be limited.

Q: With McCoy would best case scenario be a week or two?
A: I don’t really want to go there yet. Let’s get the preliminary reports sometimes guys can respond quickly and then the other one like Fred Jackson. Where that one is obviously a major one. So there are different degrees of that type of injury. Hopefully this will be something that doesn’t set him back to far.

Q: Fred is going to miss more time because it is major?

A: Well no, I mean, I think we are hoping Fred is hopefully he will come back for Pittsburgh. But that is kind of what we are hoping for.

Q: What about Boobie Dixon?
A: Boobie. The same thing with Boobie. You know his is with the calf so hopefully Pittsburgh. But we feel really good about him for Detroit.

Q: Bryce Brown?
A: We will say the same for that as well.

Q: How does that affect how you evaluate the quarterbacks playing without a lot of their weapons?
A: Well you evaluate based on what you see on tape. It doesn’t… next man has got to step up and then the next man, the next man, and the next man. But that is what happens and sometimes you got to play in those kind of situations.

Q: Are you interested in who responds to that kind of adversity?
A: Yeah, I think all of our guys will play their butts off. There is no question about that.

Q: Can you summarize the joint practices?
A: I thought it was great. I think it really added to our practices and both our teams are excited about their teams, and rightfully so. It’s just a chance to get there. They came here like it was reported that oh hey, it’s going to be fights, man it was none of that. All I saw was professionalism on both teams, and that’s what we knew would happen. Obviously with Pettine and myself having the connection we’ve had but a lot of our coaches have had the same kind of connections with each other so I think the coaches are the ones that put it out there the way you do and then you go out there and compete, and it was clear that both teams wanted to compete and get better.

Q: Other than quarterbacks, is there anything you saw from anyone in particular that separated them?
A: Not really. Then once we really started getting guys going down at wideout it made it tougher. Greg (Roman) tried to bring it in a little bit, it almost turned into a 9 on 7 type thing and that’s why (Mike) Pettine and Greg decided…You know we never wanted to disappoint Cleveland, we wanted to let them…obviously they need reps and things. But it was to the point Mike’s side as well will just go ahead and go by themselves, and that’s what they did to get more plays.

Q: So then for Friday can you make an informed assessment on the quarterback situation?
A: I guess we’ll see how that game goes.

RB Boobie Dixon
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Q: Rex Ryan mentioned that you may be back for the Pittsburgh game, but definitely for the Detroit game. Do you feel like now (with all the injuries) you need to speed things up to get out here quicker?
A: Nah, no rush, no rush. I definitely need to be well before I can get back out there and be who I am. But that’s accurate. Pittsburgh is a maybe depending on how next week goes, and if not Pittsburgh than probably Detroit and like I said that’s pretty much accurate.

Q: Is this a case where you want to rush back, but don’t want to come back too soon?
A: Yeah that’s definitely the case. I do a whole lot of things, I’m all over the field, running down on kickoff, playing offense. So you know it’s really got to be ready for me to go. I want to be out there bad, it kills me to be on the sideline and just having to cheer, see my guys going through war you know? Cause I pride myself on being a war daddy. So it hurts but I gotta be smart. Just gotta take my time, keep rehabbing, keep praying, keep being positive and it’ll come soon.

Q: Have you talked to Karlos Williams at all?
A: Actually I haven’t got the chance to talk to him. We had some of the guys talk to him and he said he was alright and he was doing good and we just praying for him. Just trying to be positive and keep our hopes up, keep our spirit up. It’s getting tough out here as you can see. You know we all just gotta stay positive, we praying for him and he’ll be alright, he’ll be back soon.

Q: Did you guys find out what it was?
A: No, we didn’t find out what it was.

RB Bronson Hill
Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Q: What have these past few weeks been like for you?
A: Cramming. You know like, college or high school how you cram for an exam that you didn’t study for, it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for just the playbook. So it’s pretty much just practice and trying to learn the playbook.

Q: What are you cramming for, an opportunity?
A: Yeah, because I was already behind so, just coming here I was behind so I had to hurry up and try to learn just to even get a chance to play. If I didn’t even know as much as I know now I don’t think I would have this opportunity.

RB Ricky Seale
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Q: What’s it like being thrown right into things immediately?
A: You know what I’m just happy to be here. It’s never good when anybody goes down, but I’m just here to do my job. Going to go out here, learn the plays, play in the preseason and just do what I can.

Q: Rex Ryan said your job now entails a half on Thursday night?
A: Yeah, I was not expecting that at all, but you got to do what you got to do.

Q: Nerve-wracking at all? I mean it’s a pretty complex play book.
A:  It’s actually kind of cool, the offensive coordinator was a coach at Stanford my freshman year. So some of the plays, like some of the play jargon I already kind of know which is a good thing. I know some of it, I don’t know all of it, so I’m looking forward to learning the rest.

Q: You have to make the most of the opportunities you get, and here’s one on national TV.
A: Yeah man, I’m happy. I haven’t had my pads on in a while, just happy to put the pads back on and be out here with these fellas.

Q: What were you doing just a few days ago?
A: A few days ago I was working down in San Diego at a place called ACES. I was working with kids that have autism, it was a great job. Then the Bills called me so I got up here as fast as I could.

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