DON’T GET ME STARTED on the future of the Buffalo Bills.  First, as shown in an earlier column, the Bills have a very rough schedule and will be facing some of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.


Art Wander

Following the exit of head coach Rex Ryan, the Bills announced that Doug Whaley will lead the search for a new coach.

Let’s see, wasn’t Whaley involved in getting Rex Ryan to the Bills?  Then, wasn’t it announced that Ryan will answer only to Terry Pegula?

So Whaley will lead the search for a new head coach for the Bills.  Boy that’s something to think about.  Let’s see some of the moves made by Whaley.

Gave up 2 first round picks for Sammy Watkins. Wrong move. Watkins has a big day when he gets 5 catches.

Instead of Watkins, Whaley could have selected Khalil Mack who was available for Buffalo in the draft as were many others. What kind of scouting staff did Whaley assemble that they couldn’t see the talent of Mack who was playing for UB right under their noses?

Instead of giving up those first round picks, he could have drafted WR Mike Evans.

Bills have been searching for a quarterback to lead them for a couple of decades looking for the guy to make Jim Kelly proud. So what does Whaley do?

He could have drafted Paxton Lynch who John Elway says he is the future of the Broncos franchise. Want more?

He could have drafted Prescott, the Dallas sensation. They passed on him so they could get C. Jones, who had 11 games under his belt at Ohio State.

Check around the league and see some of the great players who were available to Buffalo during drafts.   .

Whaley selected an injured linebacker in the first round then picked up another linebacker (Ragland) who didn’t play a down for Buffalo……also injured.

Is there no end?  Whaley and Ryan kept mentioning they need to strengthen the receiving corps.  So they part company with Chris Hogan.  Buffalo got nothing for him in letting him go to – are you ready for this – Bill Belichick of the New England Hogan is a starter for the Pats and contributing.

Linebacker Bradham was allowed to go as was Leodis McElvin, both in starring roles with the Philadelphia Eagles.

I could go on and on. Whaley built this team that has now gone 17 years without reaching the playoffs.

And now the Bills name Whaley to lead the search for a new head coach?  That sounds like the GM is on solid footing with the Pegula’s – who (with their tough schedule next season) will continue to put a stranglehold as the NFL team with the most consecutive seasons without a playoff game -18 years.

Finally – Whaley will likely lean toward a guy that will not be a threat to his own job.  There have been so much chatter about Ryan add Whaley not getting along.

So there you have it, gang – my feeling is that he will name Anthony Lynn and  the Pegula’s will extend their NFL lead in paying coaches huge money who are no longer with the organization on Don’t Get Me Started.

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