Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor
Friday, August 12, 2016

Q: How exciting is this for you?
A: I was very excited. Something that I worked hard for in my years in the NFL. Something that I always dreamed of as a kid, so to see the hard work definitely pay off, you know there’s still hard work to be done. But to be rewarded is definitely a blessing and I’m definitely grateful.

Q: I imagine your parents were excited for coming up this weekend. What was that like having them there while you signed?
A: It’s awesome to have them here. My parents have been supporting me since day one. My family in general do it. I’m an only child so I’m very close with my parents. To have them up here for this week, and to have them up here for this day is definitely meaningful to me. They’re back there somewhere. They’re just taking the day in. Like I said, truly a blessing and business is still usual. I’m here to win football games and that’s what my mind is still focused on.

Q: Just your parents or other family members this weekend?
A: It’ll just be my parents. They originally were coming up for the game. They’ve been up to every home game that I’ve worn a Buffalo jersey. So like I said, they’ve been supporters of mine since I was 5 years old when I first put that helmet on that had the crossbar, so I appreciate them for that, and they’re here with me today too.

Q: What was your level of confidence that this was going to get done?
A: I never really focused on it. I know I’ve said that many times in the media. But my mindset has always been on football. Ever since I was little, I played the game because that’s what I love to do. God blessed me with a tremendous talent to play this game and I’m fortunate to be able to play this game for a living. So that’s what my mind has always been focusing on, just going out and having fun. And that the deal got done, which it eventually did, and like I said, from day one I’ll be happy, and I’m happy today. But there’s still football to be played and that’s where my mindset focus is.

Q: Now that you have it, does it impact you in a way that, you know, your mindset goes a bit differently? You know that this is done, versus not having it done.
A: I would like to say definitely thankful for the Pegula’s, for the Bills organization, and for Rex giving me an opportunity, first and foremost. Them offering me a contract for this many years definitely shows that they’re all in, that’s what our phrase is for this year. As far as a mindset going to a game, having financial stability or not having it, I mean I’m a competitor from day one, so I’m going to go out there and give my all whether I’m under contract or not. I guess it makes it, I guess I can speak in terms of it being done now. I’m not going to say that it puts the ease off my mind but it’s definitely refreshing to know that the deal is done.

Q: A year ago you’re playing here in a competition. A year later, before you play the preseason game and hit the field, what’s that say about you and what you’ve shown this team?
A: I would just say that the relationships that I’ve built on the team and in the locker room, as well as with the coaches. Just my dedication each and every day, the way I prepare. Not that I do it for show, I mean, it’s just who I am, and they’ve definitely seen it on a day-to-day basis, and it’s going to continue to keep happening. Like I said, this contract doesn’t change my mindset or my focus. Am I happy that it got done? Yes. But I’m ready to play football.

Q: As far as the nature of something like this, because there were sort dueling gambles here. Your gamble could have been play the year out, hopefully stay healthy and then cash in. From the team’s stand point by doing this now – and maybe they’ve structure it in a way they also can safeguard it, as many deals go—how do you look at it from that dynamic?
A: You just have to weigh it out both sides. Try to put yourself in both situations. I’m a believer so I pray on it and whatever God moves my heart to, that’s what I decide on. So, a lot of praying. As far as the numbers and stuff, my agent and the organization worked that out. But, I’m thankful that it got done, whether it was this year or next year. I think both sides are happy.

Q: Given the way that it’s structured out, there’s a report that the Bills already have the option after this year whether to continue or not. Do you feel you still have something to prove this season because there is the second part of the deal?
A: Every year you have something to prove. This is a competition driven league, of course. It’s not like the NBA where everything is guaranteed, you can get cut at any given time.  Anytime you step on that field you have something to prove and that’s been my mindset. Every time I step on that practice, there something for me to prove. I’m going to continue to keep showing that every time I lace my cleats up.

Q: From the time you were in the league you were the guy that worked your way up, you came here to compete. Now that you have that big deal people are going to see the numbers. The perception of you from the outside will be different expectations wise. Will that impact you at all?
A: No. The expectations are always high when you play quarterback. You’re the one that ultimately drives the team. So I mean that’s something that I welcome. I understand the position that I’m in. I also understand that the expectations are going to be put on me, but no one’s expectations for me are going to be higher than the ones I set for myself. I challenge myself each and every day to gout and aim to be perfect.  Am I going to hit that no one’s perfect, but that’s what I strive for each day.

Q: Doug Whaley mentioned that a lot of what you showed in the offseason was factored in to the decision by the team. What do you think you done to merit this?
A: I just try to focus on getting better. Attack the areas that I wasn’t so good in last year. Look at it with a very critical eye. And just try to challenge myself to be better. My quarterback coach David Lee and G-Ro (Greg Roman) worked on this offseason. Put a lot of focus on something and try to carry that over to training camp. I mean, ultimately that has to carry over to football games. I’m excited and I’m looking forward to it—you know, we only have our first preseason game of the season game coming up. But I’m excited for this season, for what the future holds for us and myself as well.

Q: You carried a lot of confidence, but does this deal validate in your mind that you’re one of the elite quarterbacks in the game.
A: Confidence wise I’m always going to play with that mindset. I believe that I’m a very good quarterback and, I mean, I play and I prepare that way as well, too. As far as the money, putting a tag on what the elite quarterback and that, money doesn’t have anything to do with it. At the end of the day guys get judged by wins and losses. My goal is to help the Bills have more wins than losses.

Q: Did Rex (Ryan) tell you no more back flips in practice?
A: Yeah we joked about that, he actually told me that after the practice. But I mean that wasn’t planned. I said that before—I mean stuff happens. Can I be little smarter in that situation? Yeah, but hey I said I love the game, I love to have fun. There won’t be no more front flips or back flips.

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