Sean McDermott preaches process and culture and it has gotten the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs, but better players are needed to truly become championship calibre. The Bills heart-breaking 22-19 OT defeat demonstrated that schemes and x’s and o’s are important, but in the end, players win games.

The Texans were outplayed and out coached for three quarters Saturday but in the end it was Deshaun Watson overcoming a tenacious Bills defense and willing his team to victory. Watson was elusive on the run and much more accurate than Josh Allen in the air. Most importantly Watson did not turn the ball over, while Allen continues to be an adventure every time he turns up field.

The Bills have one just one All-Pro caliber player on defense, the Texans at least four including Watson and Hopkins on offense. Better players make a difference in the NFL.

Bill Belichick is probably the best coach in the history of the NFL and yet his success is tied directly to Tom Brady. Marv Levy was never even considered an elite NFL coach until he found himself commanding a roster that had five future Hall of Fame players.

McDermott and Dabolt have had success elsewhere, they are widely considered “good” coaches. Yet, every roster they won with in the past had better talent than the one they currently command. If the Bills are truly counting on winning a championship they need more weapons on offense and more game-changers on defense.

With a bundle of money available in 2020 GM Brandon Beane needs to sign a big, fast receiver, another big running back, a stud linebacker and a pass-rushing defensive end.

Josh Allen will continue to improve although his past history as a “winning” quarterback” is suspect. Allen has never been a championship level quarterback at any level. People like to use Jim Kelly as the gold standard and with good reason. Kelly was a stud high school player and won national level games in college at Miami. Kelly may have never won a Super Bowl, but he won everything else there was along the way.

Kelly could throw to a spot before the receiver finished his cut, Allen struggles in that area. Kelly was deadly throwing the long-ball, Allen struggles with accuracy over twenty yards. Kelly was fearless throwing in a crowd, Allen now shy’s away from it because of interceptions.

Jim Kelly was a more complete quarterback his first year in the USFL than Allen is after two seasons in the NFL. I don’t believe Josh Allen will ever have a Hall of Fame career, but that doesn’t mean the Bills can’t build a team around him to win a title.

This off-season will go along way in taking the Bills to the next level if they can substantially improve the roster. The current roster has heart, dedication and grit, but comes up short on talent which in the end will be it’s downfall.

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