LB Preston Brown

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Q: Coach talked about the defense coming together and being able to play off one another in the scheme, do you feel like that is coming together?

A: Yeah. I mean we are all starting to figure each other out. What we can and cannot do. So I mean it is great, and the coaches are starting to understand us as well. So they are starting to call plays, put us in better situations, and it is just working out better for the whole team.

Q: What is the give and take in the meeting rooms with the coaches?

A: It is kind of open field right now. They let us go up and talk to them, we take plays out we don’t feel our best for us. So we kind up there discussing it as a whole defense and get the best plays for the week.

Q: As a whole defensive unit was this one of the more consistent efforts?

A: I think it was. We always have those little mistakes you can always fix up. But I mean that was of our best whole games we put together. I mean we are out there a lot, to go out there that effort I think was good.

Q: Was that a building block game for the defense?

A: Yeah I think it was. To just go out there and get that win. I mean we had to go out there and get a stop, and that was something we didn’t do the week before. But now we are starting to learn how to get those wins.

Q: What has been the key for Cincinnati’s passing game?

A: Yeah I mean I think they are all healthy. Usually you always have some receiver out or this tight end is not there, but now they are all out there. I mean they got good running backs out of the back field, so they got a lot of weapons. It is going to be a tough week for us, but we are going to try and go out there and get a win.

Defensive Tackle Marcell Dareus
Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Q: What do you know about the Bengals?
A: Just really been taking in everything yesterday. Taking in everything from the game, taking home the way we won and how we pulled it out and the things I had going on with family and friends back home. I just had a lot going on this past weekend, we’re going to look at them and check them out today and just really put more focus on Cincinnati and really get into them.

Q: Coach (Rex) Ryan said that you played your best game of the year this past Sunday, did you feel that way?
A: I don’t think I played that well; I just made a couple tackles. I really wanted to do a little more just kind of, playing inside the defense, doing what we can. If he said I played good, I played good.

Q: Do you feel like the feeling out process between the new coaching staff and the players is reaching critical mass now?
A: I don’t think that’s an issue. I don’t think we’re looking at where’s the best place to put me and make plays or anything like that, we have a monster front and I believe in the guy’s next to me. I’m pretty sure Rex does as well, it’s not about moving me anywhere. We have some monsters up front and we’re going to get after it.

Q: Walk us through the last play of the game.
A: It was something Rex schemed up, it was kind as far as you know, kind of occupying guys, and every once in a while, they fall asleep on me. I’m going to make a quick move and magic happened I guess, I can’t call it.

CB Stephon Gilmore

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Q: A talented group of receivers and a quarterback playing pretty well with Cincinnati?

A: Oh yeah it is a talented group, but you are going to play a talented group every week, some better. But we are going to look forward to the competition going against this week.

Q: You and A.J. Green play each other growing up?

A: Yeah I played against him in college, my freshman year. We never played against each other in high school. Because I played quarterback and he played receiver, so we never really played against each other. I played against him in college but that is it.

Q: Marcell is over there saying he deserves some credit for your pick at the end of the game?

A: Oh yeah. I always go up to him, I told him after the game I appreciate it. Sometimes is goes hand in hand.

Q: If you can go back to the moment what got you to leave your man?

A: Actually I was running with my guy, and I got my head around so I was looking at the quarterback the whole time. I saw he was throwing it [Nickell] Robey’s guy and he didn’t really throw that many fade balls on film, he never really threw it to the outside of the field. So I was kind of expecting that and I was able to fall off of him and pick the ball.

Q: That sounds like a play only a guy who has been in the league could react to so instinctively?

A: Oh yeah definitely. A lot of corners sometimes they don’t get their head around the find the ball. So that is one thing I did, so I was able to look at the quarterback and feel my receiver. And come off on the ball, and Marcell [Dareus] made a great hit on the quarterback to allow me get time to stop and come back and get it.

Defensive Back Corey Graham
Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Q: How good are the Cincinnati Bengals from a talent side?
A: Really good. They’ve got it all. They have a quarterback that’s playing really well right now, and they have great receivers, they have a good tight end, they have running backs that are going out there and making plays for them and the defense is playing well. They’ve got pretty much a good team right now. Obviously they’re undefeated so they’re playing well and we just have to watch film and see what we can do against them and find a way to get it done.

Q: How good of a feeling is it to play a team undefeated at this point in the season at home?
A: It’s good, it’s good. I’m kind of happy that they won against Seattle, that they went out there and found a way to get a victory against Seattle and things like that, I mean to have the opportunity and go out there, especially as a defense playing against an offense that’s undefeated and a team that’s undefeated, the offense is playing well, it’s big for us.

Q: You have some experience against Andy Dalton from playing in the AFC North, what does he do differently now?
A: I always thought he was pretty good. I always thought he was pretty good, I mean he’s spreading the ball around well, he’s very accurate. He’s just making better decisions, just pretty much what I’ll say, he’s making a little bit better decisions right now and if you do that as a quarterback you give the team every chance to win and that’s what they’re doing.

Q: The TE in Cincinnati is doing well; does this make it harder to key in on just A.J. Green?
A: Yeah, he’s doing well. I saw the game from last week, yesterday I was watching it. He (Tyler Eifert) did really well last week. He’s running a lot of the same routes, he’s catching the ball well, he’s catching tough balls, I mean he has some times where it was contested and he found a way to bring it down so, obviously as a QB when you have more than one threat it helps you, and Andy’s getting the ball around to all his guys and they’re finding a way to make plays for him.

Wide Receiver Percy Harvin
Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Q: On injuries on the team.
A: Definitely you think about it, but this day and age football is a physical sport, part of teams that win championships is the luck of being healthy, having everybody on the field all at once. So with that said, the guys who are injured, they’re not too severely injured so we know we’re going to get them back at some point and when we do, hopefully we’ll be able to hit our strides.

Q: How much does it impress everybody in the locker room given that Tyrod Taylor is banged up but still found a way to win?
A: It was big for us. Like I said, we needed playmaking, we needed him to make a play. You know he did it once, he got knockout out of the game, he sat out for a play and he came back and then was able to hit two strikes being hurt. Those plays speak for themselves, those big time plays for us, we definitely needed it at the time.

Q: How big of a statement can you guys make in competing and beating this Bengals team?
A: It’s just the next game for us, it’s a chance for us to be consistent, put two wins back to back. It’s another week for us to get better on offense and defense. It’s another week for our defense to get better, so it’s a big game, but only for us it’s the next game. We have a lot of work to do, so we’re not getting into the hype of who we’re playing. We have to play better ball.

WR Robert Woods

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Q: Does the run or the block get the better reaction watching the film back?

A: Reaction from the teammates. Probably the block just because it was a selfless action. I was one of those ones making a play without the ball. Timely matter, but it was really all Tyrod [Taylor] making a play happen and seeing me, setting up his blocks.

Q: What did you think when you saw your block knock out two guys?

A: Really, it was just…didn’t know it was two till the replay. Really just trying to seal of the edge with Perrish Cox trying to make outside keep contain, but really just tried to seal the edge for Tyrod. Actually just hit the corner and get some more yards but it worked out in our favor. It knocked the guy right back into [Da’Norris Searcy].

Q: With only 10 completions in the game is it hard for wide receivers to help out? Were you guys just looking for anyway to help out when things weren’t clicking?

A: I would say just staying locked in the game. As a receiver you never know when your time is going to come. Whether it is a pass, or a block, like key block running down field blocking a safety. You never know when your time is going to come. And this time is wasn’t a pass play it, it was that block for Tyrod.

Q: The one play you made on the kickoff got the guy inside the 20?

A: Expecting that play. We knew it was a new returner. We knew they needed a big play. Just film study. Seeing my tackle, my key sitting outside, played it different all game so it was bounce, return coming my way. Just muscled the guy and baited the returner to pick a side.

Q: How do you like that duty covering kickoffs?

A: I like being on our kickoff. I feel like it sets the tone for our defense. Just the energy that the kickoff team brings, it is fun being out there, want to be a part of that team. And just another way to contribute and set the tone.

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