Sizing up the Buffalo Bills chances Sunday against the New England Patriots one would not anticipate a victory. In fact, the Bills are the biggest underdogs of week one despite the fact they are at home.

The Bills are starting a rookie quarterback, coming off a two week layoff and an injury no less. They have a defense without its best Cornerback, an injured starting Free Safety and a front seven that did not look impressive in the last preseason game they played. It all adds up to a long day for Bills fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium come Sunday.

Taking all of that into consideration I still believe the Bills will have their moments Sunday against Bill Belichick’s guys and here’s why. Marrone and Hackett have been studying New England for six months and will have some surprises on offense. Belichick said as much in his middle of the week media conference. You can bet the Bills kept a fair portion of their playbook in the locker room in preseason.

Defensively the Bills have a Coach in Mike Pettine who has experience pressuring Tom Brady and I’m sure he will throw the kitchen sink at him. The problem of course is will the Bills secondary be able to stay close enough to Brady’s receivers to allow the pressure to work?

I believe the Bills could be a good offensive team and should score points. I have the Bills hanging around for three quarters and dropping a 28-17 decision to the New England Patriots.

Changing gears, a little story about my fantasy football team. I’m in a league with my sons, nephews and brother-in-law. Just playing for family bragging rights. I drafted both Payton Manning and Eli Manning at quarterback and over the past four Payton has been my starter.

So Thursday night I’m looking over my lineup and the fantasy league predictor claims Eli Manning would have a bigger week one against Dallas than Payton Manning will against Baltimore. I had already placed Eli as my starter, but at 7:59 PM I made a late change to Payton. I just felt Payton manning would be up for revenge against the Ravens, especially after throwing a late interception against them in last season’s AFC Championship game.

End of story, Manning throws for a league tying record seven touchdowns and scores 53 points ( at least in my league) all by himself. For once my gut instinct was actually right!

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