DON’T GET ME STARTED still marveling at backup QB Jeff Tuel and WR Brandon Kaufman while sending a message to our lawmakers about TV blackouts.

First, it will be interesting to see how the “backup” quarterback situation will unfold in the next 3 exhibition games.  Last Sunday, E.J. Manuel rode his 2-minute drill, completing all 9 passes leading to a touchdown, to probably the starting nod less than a month from now against New England.

Yet, Jeff Tuel came in – looked poised – and was very sharp in leading the team to 2 touchdown passes and over 200 passing yards in one half of play.  That brings up Kolb, who has been absent from training in the past week.  Most likely Kolb will get some work this Friday against the Vikings, but a lot of fans are eager to see E.J. and Tuel.  If they perform as they did against the Colts – maybe there is hope.

And let’s not forget Kaufman who made some fine catches.  He’s a 6’5” 220 pound wide receiver and certainly will make the practice squad = if not the 53-man roster.  We’ll see how the WRs perform in these next 3 exhibition games.

And that brings me to my yearly rant on the politicians who watch taxpayers pay for stadiums; re-modeling stadiums while owners of teams get favorable tax breaks and other incentives to “keep the team from moving.”

Yet, the NFL continues its terrible policy of requiring sold out games for home fans to be able to see the game on the tube.  Everyone knows that there are different attendances at the stadiums.  As always, fans are clamoring for the NFL to reward the faithful.  Yes, December games in Buffalo don’t sell out.  BUT, as always, who not take the average attendance and make that the standard.  Better yet, why not focus on the local teams.  If, for example, Buffalo sells 90% of its tickets 2 days before the game – it will be televised.  Face it, if the product is excellent, teams will sell out 100% of the time.  That’s the way it is in Buffalo.

Something has to be done about this where EVERYTHING goes to the team…..and not too much for the fans.  It’s time to stop this nonsense and it’s time for fans to pump this message to the politicians on Don’t Get Me Started.


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