Sources inside Rogers Communications have indicated that the reported serious interest by Terry and Kim Pegula in the Buffalo Bills has that bidding interest concerned. As reported here at All Sports WNY months ago, Edward Rogers III and family are worth over seven billion dollars and have the deepest pockets among potential Bills bidders, but the emergence of Pegula threatens that strength.

Media outlets continue to connect the Rogers Communications group with the Bon Jovi/Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment team, but the Rogers family stand on their own in this pursuit. Rogers Communications already has a relationship with the Bills through the Toronto series and a long standing interest in owning an NFL team. Rogers could afford to overbid for the Bills to win the day, but they would undoubtedly want to move the team to Toronto with their other business interests reside.

It has largely gone unreported, but the Rogers family pose the biggest threat to move the Buffalo Bills out of Buffalo. There would be owners like Jerry Jones who would relish the opportunity for the NFL to move to a metropolitan area like Toronto and the millions of people who live in the immediate vicinity. While rock star Jon Bon Jovi has gotten the attention it is Ed Rogers who has the financial clout to move NFL mountains.

Inside the Rogers Communications Corporation there has been a quiet confidence that at the end of the day it would be Rogers who could outbid any other groups. That confidence has been tested as Buffalo Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula could match any reasonable Roger’s offer to buy the Bills. Plus, as a Buffalo based interest Pegula could match the reported NFL criteria that the team remain in WNY.

If Terry Pegula built a new stadium, say as a partner with the Jeremy Jacobs family, then that would be a very tough hand to beat in this game of high stakes NFL business.




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