Terry and Kim Pegula’s bid to buy the Buffalo Bills has been unanimously approved by the NFL Finance Committee.

Terry Pegula spoke briefly with reporters, making the following statement outside NFL headquarters in New York City.“As you all know, for the last few months, we have been focused on acquiring the Buffalo Bills National Football League franchise, and we have passed the finance committee recommendation today,” Terry Pegula said. “Our ownership approval has to be voted on October the 8th, with the full ownership of the league and that’s basically all we can say.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re not NFL owners until that vote is approved, and we will have no further comments. Thank you.”

The Pegula’s now need at least 24 of 32 votes by the NFL owners at their meeting At least 24 out of 32 owners will have to vote for Pegula for final approval the week of October 8th.

Governor Andrew Cuomo also released a statement following the Finance Committee’s approval:
“Today is yet another great day for Buffalo. Terry and Kim Pegula’s bid to purchase the Buffalo Bills has been a sign of hope for Western New York since it was first made public, and the NFL’s unanimous approval of their bid allows the Bills to remain where they belong. On behalf of all New Yorkers – and all of the many dedicated Bills fans who cheer them to victory game after game – I offer my congratulations to the Pegulas, the Bills, and the people of Buffalo on this important milestone.”

Last week, late owner Ralph Wilson Jr.’s estate accepted the Pegula’s bid of $1.4 billion.

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