DON’T GET ME STARTED has seen enough of the Bills in the half dozen games to come to the conclusion that new owners Terry and Kim Pegula should begin the process of evaluation and make decisions to further Buffalo’s future chances of getting into the playoffs. To help him, here are the ones I’m attaching to the blame game being voiced by fans of the Bills.

RUSS BRANDON. Nice guy and a great marketing guy that’s involved Rochester and southern Ontario into Bills territory. BUT, HE’S THE ONE THAT PRESUMABLY O.Kd the hiring of Doug Whaley as General Manager and Doug Marrone as head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

DOUG WHALEY. He made gut-wrenching moves after he was named GM of the Bills. The most obvious questioning of the moves was giving up next year’s #1 pick for the right to select Sammy Watkins. Of course, the selection a year earlier of Manuel at quarterback hasn’t exactly worked out. That #1 pick next year could have been used on one of the fine QB class next year. ALSO, Whaley made the deal to bring Bryce Brown to the Bills from the Philadelphia Eagles. WHALEY ALSO MISSED THE BOAT on a non-drafted University at Buffalo standout Branden Oliver. Here’s a running back who has excelled with the San Diego Chargers, with 2 straight 100-rushing yards – both wins for the Chargers. How in the world could the boat have been missed as Oliver kept tearing it up with the U.B. Bulls. Didn’t Whaley read the papers? Did he have any scouts reporting on Oliver? Couldn’t he, at least, been a great candidate for the practice squad? And why isn’t Brown getting any snaps. Could he be any worse than C.J. Spiller is now? Why did he bring in Mike Williams and then made him inactive in the biggest game of the season. If the off-season moves backfire, it would seem that Whaley may have bet his job on those moves, especially with Manuel

DOUG MARRONE The head coach has done quite a job in confusing the fans and the media. First, he hired Nate Hackett as offensive coordinator and its apparent that perhaps Hackett is over his head. Now remember, Marrone told the fans he was going to run a fast-paced hurry up offense. After a couple of games, it’s back to huddling while other teams (including the Patriots) are employing a hurry=up with success. The game plan and play calls have been suspect all season. Not much imagination. C.J. Spiller has been absent all season. Why hasn’t Brown been used? That’s on Marrone. How about sitting the two top pass rushers, Mario Williams an Jerry Hughes with just about 6 minutes left in the game – when New England was mounting another touchdown drive. Marrone benched a decent receiver, Mike Williams, in the huge game last Sunday. Williams agent wants to have Williams go elsewhere. If Marrone is so enchanted with offensive coordinator Nate Hackett, then Marrone needs to explain why in the world he took Sammy Watkins out of the game against the Patriots, targeting him only 3 times, with 2 completions It’s like comparing that to Bill Belichik telling Tom Brady not to throw to Gronkowski – something that would never happen. In short, the coaches brought in by Brandon and Whaley could have had better resumes. Some fans have been musing that when the reported blow up at practice between Marrone-Brandon-Whaley resulted in Marrone allegedly telling Brandon, “Fire Me” Brandon should have done it.

So what is the solution In reading Jerry Sullivan’s Tuesday column, he leans to bring in Accorsi, a well-adjusted General Manager to oversee the football operations’ of the Bills and make moves to get Buffalo improving under Pegula. Accorsi would be OK, but I and probably all fans would be leaning to bring in Bill Polian. He knows football; he knows Buffalo and more important he definitely knows how to build a winner…..quickly.

If Polian is the man – than his first job would be to bring in Frank Reich as coach. Reich has done an outstanding job as an assistant at Indianapolis and as offensive coordinator with San Diego this season making the Chargers the team to watch.

It’s obvious that the scouting department needs to be looked at considering missing on Manuel, Oliver and other players who haven’

Unlike with the Sabres when Pegula waited much too long to part with Darcy Regier and coach Rolston, he must quickly get together with Polian and/or Accorsi and plot the strategy that will result in a shakeup of the current “minds” at One Bills Drive on Don’t Get Me Started.

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