DON’T GET ME STARTED on sending a message to the Sabres owners.

Dear Terry and Kim:


Art Wander

I hope you are as impressed with the Sabres play over the past month and will determine, as have I, that Teddy Nolan has done an outstanding job in having the players perform with intensity; character; and determination.

Yes, they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the last minute and a half, but before that they were able to take a 3-2 lead and had the Hawks reeling. Only a couple mistakes led to the two markers that moved them closer to the McDavid/Eichel derby.

Reason for this letter is based on the improved play of the Sabres – meaning that Teddy Nolan is not letting down; he is not tanking; he is intent to win every game.

This despite the fact that the General Manager, Tim Murray, stripped him of several players and provided Nolan with a team that really doesn’t have a superstar. They might not even have a big star, save for Ennis, so Nolan has had to use his coaching skills to have them playing as they have for over a month.

The word is that Murray will axe Nolan at the end of the season. This is where the both of you have to step in. After all, by keeping Nolan you will be saving 2 years salary you would have to pay him if he, indeed, is let go. Add to the fact that thousands of fans would really be angry at such a move – especially those knowledgeable that have seen him do a good job with the team Murray presented him.

Let’s remember. The General Manager gets the players to fill out the roster and the coach works with those players. As mentioned before, the fact that Murray didn’t even consult Nolan on trades he made indicates that Murray’s intentions need some transparency.

If Murray stays, then do the same with Nolan that you did with Rex Ryan. The Bills coach reports directly to the Pegulas, not to Whaley. Have Nolan, with his better knowledge of the players, report directly to you. It is not a good situation with the two of them at seeming odds.

Bottom line: Don’t let Teddy Nolan go. He has done a good job with average players and especially with the kids. McDavid, Eichel or Stromme need a coach like Teddy Nolan. Best personal regards – Art Wander on Don’t Get Me Started.

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