DON’T GET ME STARTED remembers the reported hope that Ryan Miller would be named to the Olympic team.  His last venture there resulted in Miller giving up the winning goal to his nemesis Sydney Crosby.

Since that time, Miller has become an average (some say below average) goaltender.

If he had any aspirations to returning to the International stage, his record, so far, doesn’t merit his playing in the Olympics.

His numbers are way down.  Let’s see how he compares to the current top goaltender in the NHL.  Ryan Miller is about 30th in the NHL in goals against average.  His GAA is 3.01.  The top goalie Jean Sebastian Giguere of Columbus has a 0.67 GAA.  Miller is giving up just under 3 more goals a game than Giguere.

Next important stat is save percentage.  Right now Miller is ranked 27.  His save % is .918 while Giguere has a .981 save percentage.  That’s a very marked difference between the best and now the less-than-ordinary goalie stats. 

What’s befuddling is that with those numbers, the Sabres wouldn’t be getting much if a trade was being discussed.  With those numbers, a lower draft pick would probably be offered.  If he continues to play and these numbers keep repeating, he would not be a sought after goalie.  Certainly teams that might be interested may wait until season’s end when Miller will be an unrestricted free agent.  He most probably will be leaving Buffalo at that time.

So it might be best for the Sabres to sit Miller – play Enroth and wait for the inevitable.  And you probably would be right in saying that Miller will not be on the Olympic team in a couple of months on Don’t Get Me Started.

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