When Kyle Orton takes the field Sunday as the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback I’m not expecting a dramatic change from what we saw with EJ Manuel. Orton will make quicker reads and probably look down field more than Manuel, but I’m not looking for a “Manning” like performance.

Kyle Orton has been put back on the bench after every starting gig he has earned in the NFL. If Orton had the goods to take a team to the playoffs he wouldn’t have sat behind either Tim Tebow or Tony Romo. Yet, fans and media alike expect Orton to be the savior for the Bills playoff hopes.

My expectations for Kyle Orton are conservative. If he can make Sammy Watkins look like the high draft pick that he is by just hitting him in stride on those short passes I’ll be happy.

I think one of the areas that we may notice the biggest change with Orton at QB is the type of protection he receives. I believe Orton’s ten years of experience will allow him to call out the proper line calls or audible into more user friendly play which in urn will make the “O” line look better.

The Offensive line has been terrible in the last two games and how much of that is on them and how much is on Manuel could be clearer on Sunday.

Lost in the shuffle with all the talk about the quarterback position is the fact the Defense is banged up with both Kyle Williams and Nigel Bradham likely out for the next few weeks. How the Defense plays against Detroit will go along way to determine what kind of Orton has his first start with a new offense.

Make no mistake, how Kyle Orton plays will also determine how secure Doug Marrone is as the head coach under a Pegula ownership. If Kyle Orton is no better than EJ Manuel then the weight of the move grows heavy. I personally liked the decision, but like many Bills fans I’m just looking for something to look forward to the final three months of the season.


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