DON’T GET ME STARTED waited for the St. Louis Blues to say bye bye to former Sabre netminder Ryan Miller. The Blues gave goaltender a new contract and are bringing up another goalie from the farm, meaning there’s no room for Miller who likely becomes a free agent July 1.

It’s not surprising. Toward the tailend of the season, Miller did very little to help the Blues losing game after game after game. Then came the opening round of the playoffs and Miller simply didn’t deliver putting up a save percentage of 89 which is not good at all.

In essence – Miller delivered nothing to St. Louis except an early exit from the playoffs.

Fans have been talking to me about bringing Miller back to Buffalo. No is the English for Nyet. It would make no sense. Naturally, Miller will not be able to command the lofty salary of over $6 mill a year from Buffalo. As far as I can predict, I think Miller’s role on a team will be a backup goalie. He’s approaching his mid-30s.

Sabre fans should remember the good days Miller enjoyed with Buffalo but so many will also remember the many bad days in the past 2-3 years that saw Miller’s numbers go south faster than birds in the winter
Many fans are hoping that Miller can latch on to a west coast team to be near his actress wife.

Nolan and Murray will be turning the pages on many current and former players and begin the process to building a team that will be embraced by the fans. And speaking of the fans, they deserve more than the horrible increase in ticket prices they’ve suffered in the 3 years of Pegula ownership.

Murray has his work cut out for him. He will need to really peruse the free agent market as well as making sure that a couple players drafted in the month will be able to crack the starting lineup when the whistle blows to start the season…….without Miller in goal on Don’t Get Me Started.

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