DON’T GET ME STARTED will have my couch confused during the NFL season because I don’t feel good about ending blackouts of NFL games as proposed by a few congress people.

NFL Blackouts

Art Wander

Wow say those who are welcoming the push to end NFL blackouts. Now why, you ask, would I object to ending the blackouts of NFL games. At first I cheered when I heard about it, then I started to think what would happen if it became a reality.

1. December games would probably find only half the place occupied for games in generally cold weather cities;

2. NFL is driven by money, hence ticket prices would really be raised to make up the money lost by having non-sold out games on television. Right now the Bills generate about $3 million per home game. Other parks make more.

3. As for regional marketing, forget Toronto, Canada and Rochester people making the long trip to watch their favorite team. They could stay home and watch it on the tube.

4. And there’s about a dozen more reasons BUT, LET’S BE FAIR AND FOLLOW THIS.

1. Reach a compromise. Take the average of seats in NFL parks and make that the breaking point If it is, let’s say, a 68 thousand average – when the stadium sells that many tickets……games are then televised locally and the region even if a stadium has an 80,000 capacity. If the average is 65,000, so be it and use that as a figure. Owners will continue to make money.

2. Television benefits because places like Buffalo, Jacksonville, Oakland and other cities that find it difficult to fully sell out the place more frequently than others would also benefit.

The question is would such a rule to end NFL blackouts cook the golden goose? Who knows? My suggestion for average attendance would eliminate club and suite seats from being counted in the average.

While they’re studying things to make it good for the consumer (the fans) eliminate that variable pricing scam. Also, when the NFL says the blackout rule is in effect within 90 miles of the stadium……make it 90 miles. I believe right now, much of Syracuse (some 140 miles from Buffalo) is blacked out when there is no sell out.

These eyes and ears will be glued to see what happens but I do feel that ending blackouts would definitely hurt attendance and result in higher ticket prices on Don’t Get Me Started.

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