DON’T GET ME STARTED surveyed the landscape in the wake of the 2014 Olympics in Russia and while there were many outstanding performances, I always come to the same conclusion.  Let the amateurs perform.

I am firmly against the National Hockey League sending its players for a two week shutdown of the league while the players on teams play in the Olympics.  In fact, some team-mates play against each other.

  1.  You tell me that the owner of the New York Islanders is a happy camper spending many millions on its start player – Tavares – who was injured and is out for the rest of the season.
  2. You tell me that the owner of the Detroit Red Wings is happy spending million on its star player – Zetterberg – who was injured playing in the Olympics.
  3. You tell me that other owners are happy that others were injured in the games.

You tell me that true hockey fans are happy that the NHL season was put on hold for the Olympic games.

You tell me that NHL coaches and players who did not make the Olympic teams are happy.  Oh, they got a two week vacation BUT – NOW MOST TEAMS WILL BE PLAYING 25 GAMES IN SOME 48 GAMES.  That certainly is going to tire many players who will be going into the post-season – AND the games will not be as they were because of the tight schedules.

There are more negatives to stopping the season so that players can perform in the Olympics than there are positives.

Fans who pay big bucks to watch the NHL certainly weren’t happy when their players didn’t do well in the Olympics.

Frankly, the women’s games in the Olympics were just as good – if not better – than the pros who make millions upon millions – and then get hurt.  Let the women keep going to the games.

And that’s what has me saying NYET to the NHL in the Olympics.  I’m also confident that owne4rs will share that same sentiment on Don’t Get Me Started.

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