DON’T GET ME STARTED has had about enough of Roger Goodell’s focus on matters that probably would be rejected by many fans.

First his endorsement of many changes doesn’t take many fans into consideration. His attention seems directed to the benefit of television and/or owners. Rozelle would most likely never do some of the things Goodell is endorsing. Rozelle, to me focused on the fans. He built that league into the power it has become.

One of the biggest faults I have of the Goodell administration is his traveling an avenue that will may mark an end to the rivalry of the National Football Conference vs. the American Football Conference. Take Thanksgiving Day this season. That holiday always had an American Conference team playing a National Conference team with the Lions always being featured.

Nix on that says Goodell. There are 3 games – 6 teams – this Thanksgiving Day and there will be no American Conference representation. The teams will be Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, and San Francisco.

That’s like telling Manning and the Broncos; Brady and the Patriots; Ravens, Jets, Atlanta, etc., “You aren’t good enough to be featured before a National Audience.”

Already Goodell has made a joke out of the Pro Bowl – eliminating the National vs. American Conferences. Now it’s a pickup game that certainly isn’t going to be embraced.

AND if that isn’t enough, he’s allowing the National and American Conference TV networks to make some changes where, heavens forbid, CBS (that airs American Conference Games) will now be able to air 2 teams from National Conference games – ditto with FOX. I’m wondering if CBS and FOX both would have National Conference games only on Sunday. And what if NBC aired an all NFC game that same Sunday night. Go one step further and ESPN might opt to pit 2 NFC teams the next night.

A can of worms has been opened and the smell out of those cans isn’t too sweet.

And, of course, fans are pretty angry that Goodell moved the draft to a later date. For decades fans looked forward to Saturdays to watch the draft. Not now. The NFL is moving the draft to May from the traditional day-time Saturday/Sunday afternoon on TV to a night-time TV airing on a Thursday.

If 10 minutes will be allowed per team, the first round won’t end until well after most fans will be sound asleep. Assume each team takes 10 minutes – that’s 6 per hour. 24 teams would have made selections when midnight strikes. The 32nd pick would happen at about 1:30 in the morning. Will you stay awake? Here’s the time limits for teams to make their choices:

Round 1 – 10 minutes Thursday night, shortly after 8 p.m.
Round 2 – 7 minutes Friday night, shortly after 7 p.m.
Round 3 – 5 minutes Friday night, following 2nd round

Round 4 – 5 minutes)
Round 5 – 5 minutes) Saturday beginning at noon
Round 6 – 5 minutes)
Round 7 – 5 minutes)

ESPN will air the draft but certainly many fans aren’t going to be happy with this situation. If some fans waiting to see what Denver does at the tail end of the first round …..What time do you think it will be? Likely early Friday.

Rozelle and only Rozelle was the ruling party when it came to changes and he guided the game to its immense popularity. Goodell seems to be trying to make a mark for himself…..but he’s going in the wrong direction. I’m one that’s pretty disturbed with what’s been happening to matters that affect the routines of fans on Don’t Get Me Started.

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