DON’T GET ME STARTED won’t whine about the many calls made by the striped zebras officiating NFL games.

I will practically demand that this powerful money making enterprise gets its act together and do what all other major sports do.  HIRE FULL TIME OFFICIALS.

These part timers are displaying garbage with increasing regularity in NFL games. IT MUST STOP.  These people who work in other professions and then officiate games on Sunday, at quite a good pay check, seem to be working to get their faces on television.

There are now too many “phantom” calls.

The NFL is to blame.  They must hire full time officials.  In the off season, after a couple of weeks off, they go into the film rooms to review many controversial calls during that season.  The NFL should then assign the good officials to work full time.

When mini camps and training camps open, these officials will attend camps around the country.  There are 32 teams and full time officials would total about 200, giving them a couple of stand by officials.  They will keep telling players what, AND HOW, penalties will be called.

The other major sports – baseball; basketball; hockey all have full time officials.

How long can the part timers have the ref review a call and then change it.  That’s embarrassing.

When full time refs are hired…..get rid of the time-consuming huddles.  Forget the ref making the call under that hood.  Hire an official to review all controversial calls in the press box.  That’ll save time because the NFL did not speak the truth when it said it will take only 60 seconds.

And for those guilty of making lousy calls on a consistent basis……get rid of them.

Fans deserve better.  Fans deserve more.  The NFL no longer can sit back and watch this tripe week in and week out.


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