DON’T GET ME STARTED already turns sour on this season after only two games played.


Art Wander

An off season of hoopla when Rex Ryan became the head coach of the Bills shows that he must get discipline in that locker room. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing the same things from them like, “We’re going to learn from this loss.” Hogwash. Two games into the season and the players are looking to set a new record for penalties.

The big problem noted in the first two weeks of the season – and even going into the pre-season – is the number of penalties being taken by the Bills. Yes, they now lead the league in terms of flags thrown against them – but they’re not alone.

The NFL Yellow dominates the game. Twenty-five in the Bills/Patriots game (four of them against Buffal0.) That’s horrible. I began wondering if the officials are being paid extra for the number of times they are seen on television.

And then Monday night was a horrible example of the NFL needing to do something about the officiating. Get this……in the first 9 plays of the game – 5 penalties were called. Fans now going to the game look for the yellow flag after each play. And, many times they are seeing them thrown recklessly.

Replays on many of them should embarrass the officials since the calls weren’t backed up with what actually happened. Players now know that if someone breathes improperly at them, they fall to the ground and the refs blow the whistle and call interference, holding or whatever they want.

Who to blame? Blame the NFL. Why is the NFL the only big-time major sport that doesn’t have full time officials? Get with the times Goodell and owners. This early in the season, the officials are making mockery of the game.

The NFL has done a lousy job in giving fans great games that were noted in the 60s and 70s. Now, the NFL buckles down “The complaints will go away.” Don’t bet on it. The NFL MUST hire full time officials.

The longer the NFL waits to do something about the whistle blowers, the earlier fans will say…..I’m going to watch soccer on Don’t Get Me Started.

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