DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders if the NFL has any shame the way it treats the fans. Oh, they talk a good game but it seems that the fan is the last consideration for this money hungry league.


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Many fans are required to pay the big bucks for the 4th game of the exhibition season. Don’t call it pre-season games – they are exhibitions. The NFL fails to provide free scorecards to the fans showing the player’s names since names on the backs of the jerseys seem foreign to the fans eyes while the starters are all on the sideline. Most of the players performing in the 4th exhibition game will likely be out of a job by Saturday’s cut-down date.

Oh, I don’t blame the players – they want a chance to be retained by the club. But the quality of play in these final exhibition game gives hope to some colleges and even high schools that they can play as well as what’s seen on the field in exhibition #4.

Do you notice how there are few shots of the stands? Even season ticket holders are not interested in watching 3rd and 4th string players while the big money stars are on the sidelines practically in suits.

As you can gather, I am totally against the NFL charging full price for the 4th exhibition games. Going a step further, I am for 2 exhibition games – one home, one on the road. Coaches can determine from the month long training game, and OPAs to get a handle on a player’s ability to make the team or – at least – be ready for the practice squad.

Cut down the exhi’s to 2 games and if you want the money from these meaningless games, schedule 2 more regular season games.

For now, I have no sympathy for the owners who snake their greedy fingers into the wallets of the hard working fan on Don’t Get Me Started.

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