As the Buffalo Bills arrive at Training Camp at St. John Fisher the specter of new owners taking charge looms over the camp. The excitement a new season always brings has been dampened a bit by the reality that the Buffalo Bills organization will undergo major changes and many of the familiar front office faces may be gone.

New ownership in professional sports means change and not on the field, but in the front office and possibly the coaching staff. It’s the way of the world in most new of ownership situations, not all, but the majority of the time.

Reading this one could reflect on when Terry Pegula purchased the Sabres from Tom Golisano. In that scenario Pegula kept, for the most part, the entire organization. Should Pegula end up as the high bidder for the Bills that scenario could play out again. Any other ownership group would probably come in with key, hand picked front office folks ready to hit the ground running.

Doug Marrone knows that he cannot control who the future owner of the Bills will be nor what changes will be made. All Marrone can control is how his team performs on the field each Sunday.

Most players on the Bills team have much less reason for concern because they have contracts and a new owner can’t make large scale personnel changes. However, key positions like quarterback could be vulnerable and that means EJ Manuel’s performance and potential will be scrutinized by new sets of eyes.

For now fans can be certain that nothing will affect the future of the 2014 Bills. Whatever happens in 2015 will have little bearing on the performance of this year’s team, for better or worse. Next season is a long way off so let’s enjoy today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.


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