DON’T GET ME STARED saw a complete turnaround of the Buffalo Bills from one week ago as the Bills Defense came to play.

A week ago, the Buffalo Bills were blitzed to the tune of over 500 yards by the New York Jets and for that week fans frowned over the prospects of the season.

Not to worry……especially for one week at least.  Sunday the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens made a trip to Buffalo with a “V” dancing in their hands.  While the Ravens waltzed, the Bills did a tango on the Ravens defense that had all the pundits who picked the Ravens to win scratch their noggins.

I’ve always been amazed at how players perform after signing a monstrous contract worth millions.  Such was the case with Joe Flacco.  After winning the super bowl, he was rewarded with a pact where he doesn’t have to worry about money.

On Sunday he was reduced to being less than an effective QB.  Actually, I was asking myself, “Who’s the rookie – Flacco or Manuel?”  Flacco looked confused as he was “picked” on by Buffalo’s defense.

Before a huge crowd in perfect football weather, the Bills paraded some backups into the lineup and throttled Baltimore on the ground – well over 200 yards rushing.  But more importantly, the defense took a notch in their belts; came on the field; challenged Flacco and his arm as well as outstanding rusher Ray Rice.  The Ravens running game was toast.

Most Bills defenders had their best day of the season.  Marcel Darius 2 sacks;  Aaron Williams 2 interceptions; Kiko Alonso 2 more interceptions.  Don’t even overlook the one sack by Mario Williams.  The bottom line is that the Bills defense would not be denied on this day.  Add to the mix of players put on the field, the coaching of defensive coordinator Pettine was more than solid as he came up with a great game plan and the Bills players responded.  Very entertaining defense that registered 5 interceptions and four sacks.

As for Manuel, he needs to do what the defense did Sunday.  That’s execute with proficiency for 4 quarters – not one or the half.  While he didn’t have to throw many passes, he was picked off and fumbled and after putting up 20 points in the first half managed only 3 in the second half that was the margin of victory, though it made the fans antsy until the 5th interception late in the game.

It was a fun game to watch, reminding me of some defensive games when Smerlas, Haslett etc., made life miserable for the opponent.

On Thursday, the Bills will have another opportunity to win two in a row.  The hurting defense will be needed against the surprising Cleveland Browns and the offense keep the ball and scor4e in all four quarters on Don’t Get Me Started.

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