DON’T GET ME STARTED joins millions of fans wondering why in the world Roger Goodell is waiting so long to settle the Tom Brady issue. It’s been months.

The biggest question is whether he is intimidated by the threats of the Players Association to take him and the league to court if he upholds the 4 game suspension he levied against Brady following the “Deflategate” scandal. Naturally, being a Bills fan, I want the suspension to stick.

There are also several owners urging Goodell to stick it to Brady. Here’s where Goodell could gain some support from owners, fans and others by simply coming out with the statement, “After review, the NFL is sticking to its decision to suspend Tom Brady for 4 games.”

The next act would be to see what Brady would do. If he and the Association file a suit against the NFL, certainly Brady would be suing the guy that pays his salary as well as all the owners in the NFL. If the courts decide against the NFL and wipe out the suspension, Goodell can hang his head high as fans would praise him for sticking to his guns and not be intimidated by the Players Association. The Association and Brady would rejoice in such a decision..

A court decision to favor Brady will certainly go a long way in diminishing the NFL’s suspension policies. I would assume that any player getting suspended by the league would have the Association file a suit, using the Brady decision as precedence.

The losers would be fans who would be saddled with (a) A suspension; (b) A suit against the NFL, etc., etc. It would seem that a decision against the NFL might encourage players to breathe easier, do some things that would test the NFL in handing out suspension. A decision against the NFL might have players facing suspensions beginning in September to have the Association following the path they did in the Brady case. It’s not a pleasant time.

Right now, this long delay is doing nothing to appease the fans. Get it done……now.

On the flip side – outside of Foxborough, where Brady plays, it seems very likely that when he goes on the road, the boo birds will be ready with blast after blast against him, especially those folks sitting in the first few rows behind the Patriots bench on Don’t Get Me Started.

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